Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Birmingham Recap

A little over a week ago The Fiance' and I trekked to Birmingham for one of my closest friends' wedding. It was such a nice little getaway from the craziness of The City, and since it was my first time to visit there, it was a fun little adventure.

I won't mention the other "adventure" we had due to a defective GPS...and I also won't mention the "fun" we had by being late for the wedding! ;) I will say, though, that God is good, and I am SO THANKFUL for churches with balconies that allow late comers to discretely sneak in! ;)

We met up with my friend Nicole from high school, who brought her husband along. We all sat in the balcony together and had a grand ol' time watching the ceremony from afar:

 Note the ninja pics.

...and Nicole's hand.

Afterward we headed to the most beautiful country club for a reception filled with dinner and dancing. The Fiance' and I danced the night away and happily ate lots of delicious cake :) #score

Fast forward to Sunday morning - my first trip to The Cheesecake Factory! We met Nicole and her hubs for brunch - classy right?

THIS was the view on the patio - so pretty!!!!!

...and THIS is what I ordered!

Grilled chicken with spinach and mushrooms with a side of fluffy egg whites and tomatoes.


Also ordered was a nice slice of Red Velvet Cheesecake, but that may or may not have disappeared too quickly to have a picture taken!

Oh - and the view FROM the patio? Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

I never realized how beautiful Birmingham is - hopefully next time we'll have a little more time to explore and even more time with sweet friends! Here's to a great week and happy times!

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