Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Royal Baby Watch: Part 2

Okay people -- It's 1:36 p.m. on Wednesday and no sign of the Royal Baby yet.

But don't you worry! I'll be right here refreshing Google 16 times a day waiting...waiting and ready to give you all an update.

I mean, WHERE ELSE would you want to go to receive all things Royal Baby, AMIRIGHT???

Heh heh hehhhh.

Prince Georgie is NOT impressed with the media rubbish.

{SIDE NOTE: A few days ago (in other words, probably two months ago), I saw someone refer to Georgie as HRH George and I'm thinking...that's a LEEEETLE formal for a not-yet-two-year-old, right? That is all.}


Yesterday Will & Kate sent pastries and coffee to Royal stalkers fans who have been waiting outside of the hospital. I tweeted it before, but I'll say it again...YES THIS DOES MAKE ME LOVE THEM MORE!

{I promise I'm not obsessed. I just like happy news :) }

While part of me thinks, "Oh hey, how nice of these mighty fine folks to dish out free food to these people" ---- ANOTHER part of me MIIIIGHT be thinking that this MIIIIGHT have been a fun ploy to distract everyone while they slid in the side door of the hospital.

After all: today, security was beefed up at Ye Olde Lindo Wing and they had security dogs sniffing around the premises. MUCH, as I read, as they did once Georgie was born.

The hospital insists that this was a "dry run," but I am skeptical. I feel like it's only a matter of time that we hear ol' Willy say "Oh hey, by the way, we had a kid yesterday."

Kind of like THIS!!!! Please, people, tell me you remember this commercial:

Oh, those Royals. Ever so slick.

In other news (sort of)...Today is Will and Kate's 4th anniversary. It's been FOUR WHOLE YEARS since we saw THAT DRESS:

I may or may not have watched a few highlights of the broadcast this morning. But I'll never tell!

In other news, I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday. It was not, in fact, Saturday. It is WEDNESDAY. WEDNESDAY. You can imagine the kind of day I am having right now.

My blog is riveting, isn't it? Just RIVETING!

That's all for now, folks. Stay tuned for your up-to-minute (or maybe day-late?) Royal Baby updates! Until next time!

The OFFICIAL UN-official Royal Detective

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sunkist Dreams


What a doozy of a week!

I have a FANTASTICAL recipe that I experimented with over the weekend, but right now my mind is going in about 6000 different directions. Thanks in NO SMALL PART to the aforementioned "doozy" that was the week!


I may or may not have dreamed about THE DUCHESS having the second Royal Baby last night. It was CRAZY. The countdown is ON, my friends. Is it a GIRL? A BOY? There are definitely some differences this time around, but it is MAKING ME CRAZY (-ier?) waiting to know!


Oh Katie. You sly chickadee, you.

Speaking of the Royal Bambino, the "rumored" due date according to a "source" (aka a TRAITOR!) is April 25th.



On my dream earlier...yeah, what I DIDN'T mention was that, in my dream, I WAS TOTALLY THERE. As in...I and a friend (not sure who? I never saw their face) camped outside of the Lindo Wing in our oh-so-classy tailgate chairs and a cooler filled with Sunkist.

WHY the Sunkist, I'll never know. But there's GOT to be some sort of significance, right?

QUICK! Someone look that up and tell me what orange represents in a dream!

Does it mean she's having a girl??????

Moving on. In the dream, Faceless Friend and myself were chatting with our Sunkists in a back alley near the Lindo Wing when, all of a sudden, a BLACK SUV pulls up beside us and (very quietly) The Duchess steps out, heels and clutch and all. I was speechless. Faceless Friend goes to take a picture and I said something like:

"No! This is private moment! Plus they'll see us, you dork."


But they DID see us!

For some reason, The Duchess became tired on her walk from the SUV to the hospital door, and requested a chair to sit in before moving any further. And they brought her a TAILGATE chair. YES. A TAILGATE CHAIR.

{side note: This is sounding more and more ridiculous the further I get into this story. I promise I'm not AS obsessed as I may seem. Thank you for your time.}

As she sat, she looked RIGHT AT Faceless Friend and myself!

Faceless Friend elbowed me and said "Say something!"

But I choked.

Like, literally. Right there on my Sunkist.

Apparently I swallowed wrong or something.

And all I could do was hold my hands around my neck in the typical "I'm choking" manner.

And all I could THINK was "I'm LITERALLY CHOKING right here in front of The Duchess!!!"

And then I woke up.


Moral of the story?

Do NOT drink Sunkist in a tailgate chair whilst waiting to see Royalty.

I canNOT make this stuff up.

That is all.

Happy Thursday, friends!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Reekly Wecap

...because for some reason it's nearly impossibly for me to say it correctly.

But regardless - HOORAY! It's Friday!

This week has been a nice one. Despite a couple of nights of thunderstorms that brought me to the fetal position until The Mister got home, there were actually a few evenings that included long walks and pretty sunsets.

Homemade pizza is getting to be a weekly tradition at our place - and I've got to admit it's one of my favorite things to cook. We tried this out on Sunday night with mozzarella-stuffed crust and olives sprinkled on top.

A taco truck came to my office on Tuesday!

The owner only spoke English, and the cook only spoke Spanish. It was fun to see them interact - and they cooked up THE BEST chorizo tacos I've eaten yet.

Well, Mexican tacos anyway. Let's not forget the Shark Tacos we had down in Folly Beach last year :) Or the BBQ tacos from the old gas station down the street. As shady as that sounds - they were actually QUITE phenomenal.

Oh tacos. They have my heart.

On Wednesday - I received a special delivery from my sister in Mobile!

Why yes, that IS a piece of wedding cake that had just been delivered to our doorstep!

Some families send cards or letters or flowers and whatnot. My family sends CAKE. This is NOT the first time a piece has been mailed across the Mississippi-Alabama line...I do not lie!

We do love our cake 'round these parts. And we just hate to miss out on an occasion that involves it - so this is our fun little way of including each other in things from afar.

I experimented with a new recipe last night based off of my crawfish pie recipe, only this time wrapped in a crescent roll. We were pleasantly surprised :)

And today was a T-shirt day at work. Oh happy day, indeed!

It's part of a fundraiser our organization is doing. If you want my money, give me a T-shirt :)

That pretty much sums it up for this week, folks. The weather looks gloomy for tomorrow, but there's a wee bit of sunshine left for today. Hope you have a happy Friday!

One day I'll be more interesting. I promise ;)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

If You Give A Girl A Checkbook

If you give a girl a checkbook,
She’ll likely pay her bills.
But she’ll start some online shopping,
Her budget keeping, still (WINK!).

She’ll remember there’s a gift card,
She received it long ago.
She can use it for this purchase,
And save her money, WHOA!

“But where is this card?”
She’ll ponder to herself.
OH, it’s in my old purse,
In my closet on the shelf!

So she’ll put down her shopping,
To the closet she will race,
To find that that old purse,
Is no longer in its place!

She’ll clean off the shelves,
‘Til her closet she has purged.
She will search through EVERYTHING,
And hopes that purse will emerge.

She’ll find old clothes and shoes,
That she no longer wears,
And toss them into storage,
To get them out of her hair.

But then she’ll see how messy
Her apartment has become.
She’ll surely trip o’er everything.
“Enough!” she’ll say, “I’m done!”

The time is right, she’ll think,
To take a trip to Target.
She’ll grab her keys and scurry,
With her debit card and wallet!

And Target, oh that magical place,
Let’s all its praises sing!
For its clothing, groceries, STORAGE BINS,
And all the sparkly things!

A girl will gather what she needs,
Especially storage supplies.
She’ll go home and get to business,
To get that closet organized!

She’ll work and she’ll work,
For hours upon end.
Sorting, searching, cleaning still,
This night’s for sure a win!

But when the closet she has finished,
That purse she hasn’t found.
She cleans her bedroom, kitchen, her living room too,
And everything else around.

But once there’s nothing left to clean,
Or organize or sort,
“Oh my!” she’ll say, “It’s 1 AM!
My mission I must abort!”

So as she lies that night in bed,
She’ll think of the time she took.
A seven-hour search for just one thing!

And it all started with a checkbook.

...But I wouldn't know anything about that ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

When in Rome

Hooray! It's Tuesday!

Most of last week was spent on the road, which really wasn't all that bad. Not bad at all considering it began with a little of this:

...and this: my parents' house for Easter.

I absolutely LOVE going home. And freshly boiled crawfish isn't too shabby either :)

A couple of days later, it was time to hit the road again en route to Tupelo, where I was looking forward to attending the Public Relations Association's annual state conference.

The whole 3-day event was Elvis-themed, which I was pretty pumped about. I mean, who doesn't love a little Elvis?

The conference was really nice - we were able to hear from the VP of Marketing for GRACELAND (can you IMAGINE?), which, let's face it, was the main reason I wanted to go.

Plus, we were treated to two performances by the talented Memphis Jones.

If you're ever around Memphis and get a chance to hear him, I HIGHLY recommend doing so. He was hilarious in addition to being a being a crazy great performer.

Once the conference wrapped on Friday, I figured I'd make a quick pit stop by the Elvis birthplace since my hotel was only a mile away from it. I originally thought I'd just pop in, grab something fun for my grandmother (who's a huge fan of The King, by the way), and be back on the road within 30 minutes or so.

Ohhhhh was I wrong. This place was GREAT. I left a little over TWO HOURS later. Oops =)

First up, Elvis's HOUSE!

If I understood correctly, the house and museum is still on the original property! In the late 1950's, Elvis (already a superstar) visited his hometown for a benefit concert and wanted to see his childhood home. When he saw it was for sale, he convinced the city to purchase the land and turn it into a park for children.

The house has since been restored to its original condition. It's just a two-room house that Elvis's dad built himself on a $180 loan from his employer.

Elvis was born in this room. This VERY ROOM!


And a few years back, the museum had his childhood church building moved to the property, and restored it to its original look and feel.

The museum did a short presentation about the church, and I MAY OR MAY NOT have hummed along to a hymn or two.

Then there was the "Elvis at 13" statue...

And so, so many other things. I was blown away. I couldn't take pictures inside of the museum, but there were so many original photos and memorabilia from Elvis's heyday on display, as well as other things that he gifted to his friends and family, which were donated to the museum.

It was way more than I thought it would be, and I'm so glad I had a few extra minutes (or hours :) ) to spare. Something I would highly recommend if you ever find yourself near the Tupelo area.

There were people there from Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin (maybe?), and more. But I was easily the youngest person there by a good 30-35 years. YES!

And that's definitely NOT an older gentleman posing in front of an outhouse replica in the right corner. No, not at all.


Happy trails, friends!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pup-Pup-Pup-Pranking The Mister

I got him!

I got him GOOD!

With yesterday being April Fool's Day, I knew we HAD to get a laugh at some point. I just didn't know how that was going to happen.

At first :)

We ALL know by now my love for puppies and sweet little baby animals. I have NO DOUBT that The Mister knows better than anyone.

So I conspired with a coworker and grabbed an old photo of her dog (when he was a puppy), worked some Photoshop magic after work, and sent THIS to Hubs while he was still at work!!!!

That's the EXACT color of our carpet!!!!! I was so pumped I couldn't even contain myself on the drive home.

As soon as I walked in the door, this text conversation ensued....

...It took him awhile to answer.


He SAID that his phone was taking too long to download the picture...but I think we can all agree that he was just stunned.


Finally, he called me as he was driving home. It was all I could do to keep from LOSING IT on the phone!!!

I even pulled up a YouTube video of a puppy barking to play in the background.

Genius? Why yes, yes I am.

His reaction was just PRICELESS. Something about how he WAS NOT surprised AT ALL because OF COURSE I want to take in every animal I see, but then again JUST HOW LONG could we manage a puppy in an apartment and WHERE WILL SHE SLEEP and WHERE WILL SHE PEE and WHERE ON EARTH DO PEOPLE BUY KENNELS????

Let me pause right here to say that I've added the ALL CAPS for dramatic effect. I was seriously impressed with how calm and collected he was throughout the entire conversation. He was nervous...but surprisingly okay with it all. I'll have to keep this in mind for future endeavors hahahaha

I finally couldn't hold it in any longer and spilled the beans.

He was utterly confused and I kind of had to give him a few minutes to let it soak in that we do NOT, in fact, have a puppy.

Just imagine how he felt when I showed him how I THIS Photoshopped gem -- of him actually HOLDING said puppy!!!

I think he looks mighty cute with a puppy on his shoulder.

I actually originally sent this one to my parents, telling them that our family dog now had a sister. They did NOT think it was a good idea.


Lisa = 1; Everyone Else = 0.

It was a LOVELY April Fools' Day indeed.

Until next time!!!!