Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Have I Told You Lately...

...And we're BACK!

Can I just hit PAUSE a moment and express HOW VERY MUCH I have MISSED writing???? There is not a font big enough to convey it. There's no way. No way indeed.

Goodness gracious, what a CRAZY 5 months and 12 days few months it has been! Where to start, oh where to start?!

The last post was on January 17 - Snow Day for my city down South. Let me tell you, I had NO IDEA just how crazy life was about to get! So blessed, yet so crazy :)

From January through the end of March I was basically property of the 5 a.m. boot camp I mentioned in this post. I claimed I would spend the better part of April sleeping and, to some extent, that's exactly what I did.

...Try "oversleeping and being late for work on multiple occasions" kind of sleep.

Not a proud month for me. ;)

Somewhere in April was the Color Me Rad run here in Jackson. If you have never done this - and, honestly, even if you have - do yourself a favor and sign up for this as soon as possible. This race is by far the most fun I've ever had running...with the exception of Nashville, of course! (I'll have to do a post on that race alone, such a great adventure)

In terms of the CMR, what started out as THIS...


and this:

Turned into all of THIS...

Three miles of nothing but FUN. Music, laughter, cornstarch mixed with food coloring -- what more could you want? I love this race so much and for sure looking forward to the next one!

Is anyone else addicted to Duck Dynasty? Wait, you're not addicted? Oh...well, me neither ;)

For those who haven't seen the show, check it out and get your daily dose of "happy" :)

Have I mentioned how much I've missed blogging?! Hopefully I'll be able to stay on schedule from now on. Not sure what type of direction we'll take this blog (it's a work in progress ;) ), but for now I'm just going to hang on and enjoy the ride :)

There's no recipe for this post - so go make yourself a pan of brownies and eat the middle while they're still gooey!

Oh, and by the way...The Boy and I are GETTING MARRIED!

Clearly one of us likes to make faces....

...but more on that later! :) Happy day everyone!