Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Fruit Truck Flipped and Gave Us All Limes

That title just about sums it up.

A couple of weeks ago, Hubs and I were visiting my family and grabbing some of the garden-fresh veggies that sometimes come our way when we're "down South."

Note: If you've never had a home-grown tomato or cucumber, please fix this as soon as you can. There are few things in the world that taste as good as a fresh-from-the-garden veggie :)

While we were there, my mom seemed to have an usual amount of limes around, and asked if we would PLEASE take some back to The City with us.

This is odd, because my mom isn't exactly a huge LIME fan, even though there were probably about 20 or so in her kitchen at the time.

It turns out, she had a surplus in the lime department because, the day before, a fruit truck that was driving through town sort of...lost its balance and spilled limes everywhere.

Thankfully, no one was injured so FREE LIMES FOR EVERYONE!

We also got a few jalapeƱo peppers out of the deal.

 So, naturally, we made enchiladas and guacamole for supper.

I love being from a small town in Mississippi. It's just the best.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Free Coffee Times TWO

Today has thus far been a particularly caffeinated day...aaaaaand I'm KIND OF LOVING IT.

Where there is free coffee, you may COUNT ME IN, Madam.

It all started when I found THIS GEM at the WalMarts this weekend:

And also shortly thereafter, when I found THIS ONE, too:

Side note: It just occurred to me that the chocolate one PLAINLY states "Decaffeinated" on the box. Oops.

So first thing this morning, I made myself a hot cup of delicious (and apparently decaf) chocolate coffee. I'd like to think it made me more productive, but then lunch rolled around and then all was lost.

But AFTER lunch, my coworkers and I found out about a new coffee shop that just opened LITERALLY TEN STEPS FROM OUR FRONT DOOR (okay maybe twenty steps!).

The struggle is going to be REAL, peeps.

One of my sweet (and fellow caffeine addicted) co-workers decided to try it out, then later stopped by my desk, worried that she ordered TOO BIG OF A COFFEE*****.

*****Is there such a thing? I say "nay."

She insisted - INSISTED! - on pouring half of it in my cup, and before I knew it, it was GONE AND IN MY BELLY.

I have no idea what happened, really.

Only that I suddenly felt ALIVE.

I come in handy at this place sometimes :)


On another note, today's lunch took place at the Mississippi Museum of Art (they have an in-house cafe) and it was absolutely crazy good. I'm not exactly sorry for the cliche I've become in terms of posting my food everywhere.

Grilled Squash Panini with Blueberry Butter.

Let's just let that sink in a moment, shall we?

Blueberry Butter.

As weird as it sounds, it was off the charts good. My mouth is watering again just thinking about it.

Grilled squash, a chunk of mozzarella, lettuce, a fresh tomato, and homemade butter -- all on warm, grilled bread.

You're incredibly welcome.

Eat local, folks!