Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bucket List Bandwagon

Summer Bucket Lists are popping up everywhere - and really, I can't find a reason to NOT jump on board with the blog trend.

Join me, won't you? Here we go!

background image via Tumblr

Spend time at the pool.
I mentioned awhile back that we've started the grand ol' House Hunt of 2015. While we're pretty pumped (read: terrified) at the thought of homeownership, we realize that said House may not come with access to a pool. In the year that we've been at our current place, we've visited the pool a handful of times. When it's not crowded and the weather is right, being in and around the pool is pretty great.

Eat a s'more.
Add me to the millions of other people who have said this already, but s'mores are best in the summer. I've melted many a marshmallow on my stove with a butter knife, and if you're nowhere near a campfire or grill it's DEFINITELY the next best thing. COUNT ME IN.

Hop in a kayak.
One of my favorite places to be.

Folly Beach, SC

Beach getway.
It's a must. Even for just a couple of days.

Unplug and pay attention when I'm with those I care about. I love Instagram, but I love people more.

Go on an adventure.
Day trips to new places can be oh-so-wonderful.

Conquer a fear (or two?).
YIKES. This one is scary (obvious much?), but must be done. What's life if it's not a little bit exciting once in awhile?

Run more.
Not for distance or exercise. Just for fun.

credit: Tumblr

Write more.
Even if it's just blogging more. Writing was my first love, and it's a wonderful, soothing outlet for me.

Buy fresh flowers.
There's something about having fresh flowers in a vase that makes everything seem prettier. It really brightens up a room. Even though I've only bought them on occasion since, well, ever...I'm thinking I need to incorporate more of this into my life.

Have a party.
BONUS POINTS if said House is in the picture at this point. Plus ALL THE MORE REASON to BUY THE FLOWERS! :)

Be more positive.
I can be QUITE a downer on the rough days. I declare this...THE SUMMER OF JOY!

{insert George Costanza gif here)

Keep in touch.
Earlier this year, I rebooted my Facebook in an effort to reconnect with folks. However, it only reminded me of why I deactivated it in the first place three-ish years ago. I spent too much time on it, and read status updates instead of actually calling someone. So, this weekend, Facebook went BUH-BYE once again. My goal this summer: keep in touch with those I don't see often. I want to call my people, send them a card or two...or MAYBE even WRITE A LETTER (OLD SCHOOL). We shall see!

Okay people, it's your turn. What's on your summer bucket list?!!!