Monday, October 28, 2013


What the WHAT?!

It's been awhile, folks, and I'm happy to be back on here. What a WHIRLWIND the past few weeks (err...month and a half?) have been! But on to important things!


An appropriate day to pick up blogging again, yes?

The past month has been a blur, it really feels like it was just a few days ago that everything happened. We feel so blessed and so humbled by all of the love and kindness that has been shown to us.

Our wedding was nothing short of a dream. The Lord blessed us with perfect weather and everyone arrived safely and soundly -- the ceremony went smoothly and the reception ROCKED. God is so good.

And the cake...ohhhh, the cake.

I'll have pictures soon, I hope -- our photographer is almost done with them! But for now, here are a few to tide us over...mainly because I'm itching to get it out of my system! :)

Cooking up a few wedding favors with Mom :)

The Rehearsal DINNER = YES.

Wedding Party AWESOME-NESS

One of our first photos as Mr. & Mrs. =)


 I love that so many people sent us their photos after the wedding -- gives us a wonderful glimpse into the day.

Moving on!

The past few weeks have been filled with multiple visits with family, moving The Hubs (<- EEEEKK!!!) into our new (to us) place, saying goodbye to a very dear, very loved family member, fellowship with our church family, and wedding to-do's for my sister's upcoming wedding (AAH!! Happiness!).

We'll be celebrating The Hubs' (<- AAAH!!!) cousin's marriage this weekend, and my cousin is getting married in two weeks. His brother (my other cousin) will get married a few weeks after that.

Lots of cousins, lots of weddings, and lots of cake!

Life is good. And so is coffee (can you tell I've had a little today?).

FYI -- THIS is the best coffee creamer ever created on the face of this jolly green earth -- words simply can NOT express my love for this stuff:

While I love coffee, I don't drink it often as I've never had the ability to drink a full cup of coffee unless I have LOTS of time. THIS MORNING, however, was a different story.

I am now experiencing the caffeine jitters and a lack of concentration!

Why is everything in slow motion today??????

Oh, coffee. How I love thee!!!!!

P.S. Halloween is this week!!!!! What are your costume plans????!!