Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ode to Tuesday

Tuesday, oh Tuesday, how can it be?
Just two days ago, I was wild and free!

It's back to the grind,
Though I really don't mind.

For I'm here in my office,
At times I feel like a novice.

But once I am done,
I will run, run, run! {fun!}

Then I'll work on my wedding,
Which will be worth all of the sweating! {HA!}

And later I'll cook!
Maybe crack open a book!

And let my mind wander,
To a place somewhere yonder.

A magical land, 
Filled with music and sand.

The food is delicious,
healthy and nutritious.

And everyone gets along,
Filled with joy all day long.

And then I'll recall,
I'll waste no time at all.

Laundry, sweeping, cleaning dishes,
Not simply dwelling or waiting on wishes!

But that is just fine,
I won't dare to whine.

For it means I've been given,
Another day of this livin'.

My belly is full, there's a roof near my head,
And I'll thank God for all this, as I lay down in bed.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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