Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday's Playlist

What are you listening to today?

Only one more hour then we're home free!

1) "Automatic" - Miranda Lambert
2) "Dancing Shoes" - Green River Ordinance
3) "Say Hey" - Michael Franti
4) "Anything But Mine" - Kenny Chesney
5) "Margaritaville" - Jimmy Buffett
6) "September" - Earth, Wind & Fire
7) "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" - Jake Owen

I'm ready for summer.

Now excuse me while I go make out with this delicious cupcake!!!!!

Sorry, I bit off a chunk of the rainbow before I could snap a picture. Hence the baby rainbow :) #sorryImnotsorry

Friday, March 21, 2014

How To Have a Fantastic Friday



As if this isn't cause ENOUGH for celebration, I'm going to let you in on a little secret on how to have a FANTASTIC Friday. Follow each step closely, and you're sure to have a day as spectacular as this:

  1. Arrive to work and IMMEDIATELY get distracted by crises far too important to deal with the mile-long to-do list sitting on your desk. This will be extra special if you've been out of town for two days during that week on a work trip, providing you LOTS of catching up to do.
  2. Ensure that the tour group you're expecting arrives late, therefore throwing the tour schedule (and many of your co-workers' work day) off-kilter.
  3. Make ABSOLUTE SURE that the instructor requesting said tour - the one that you have called multiple times - does NOT call you back and let you know how many people to expect to attend this tour.
  4. Struggle to accommodate everyone when no less than 40 people walk in your door - many of them students that need supervision - expecting a tour for normally 10-15 people. Bonus points if you can squeeze them into the small area provided for instruction.
  5. Have the tour last much longer than expected, ensuring that you must put off the aforementioned list on your desk.
  6. Allow yourself only a few minutes before leading another tour of visitors who have dropped in unexpectedly, name-dropping with your superiors to get a last-minute unscheduled private tour.
  7. Expect to not touch the list for the rest of the day.
  8. Remember that you must call the electric company to transfer your service before you move this weekend. Call said electric company, only to be told that's impossible for various reasons.
  9. Call new apartment complex and enlist their help. Apartment Complex says to tell Electric Company that they {the Electric Company} are wrong. 'Nuff said.
  10. Call Electric Company. Somehow make Electric Company tell you to tell Apartment Complex that THEY, in fact, are wrong.
  11. Spend no less than one hour delivering messages between these two companies.
  12. Spend the next hour or so looking for your keys that are missing from your desk. Breathe a sigh of relief when you learn they were mistakenly taken by a co-worker. (Note: This will be funny once you realize you're NOT stuck at work forever and no one is going to steal your car with your almost-stolen keys)
  13. Feel the headache you've had for two days return once again.
  14. Take your lunch break at 3pm and run the errands you been needing to run before everything in The City shuts down at 5. This must - I repeat, MUST - be done during after-school traffic and among some of the most reckless drivers in the world.
  15. Go to Packet Pickup for race day tomorrow and LAUGH when the checker-outer asks you how to spell your husband's name. Why yes, his name IS spelled B-E-N.
    ***This may or may not be the laugh you need to get you through the impending traffic to get back to work.
  16. Get back to work, park, and turn off the car. Crank up the car once again, then head BACK into traffic because you are given the wrong race packet.
  17. Arrive back at work close to the time you were supposed to leave today. Accept the fact that you won't be able to leave early to go home and pack up your current apartment, and hope that you will have electricity for moving day tomorrow.
  18. Take a look at the list on your desk and write a blog post instead.

Here's to a happy weekend! May it be filled with sunshine, warm temperatures, and cake. Lots of cake.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Work Trippin'

Hellooooo, hello!

Checking in from life on the road via work. I've been getting my PROFESSIONAL on for the past couple of days - speaking at a meeting of PR pros and then doing some alumni work in my college town. It's been busy, but honestly? I'm really loving it.

Apparently I was explaining something VERY SERIOUS that required me to do that awkward twisty-stance. But it's a fun picture nonetheless!

This morning I was able to talk to an 8am class of  sleepy college students and, despite the fact that all they wanted was to get across the street to Starbucks, they had some great questions and seemed pretty interested in the presentation (SCORE!).

I've got one more event to work while I'm here then I'm headed back to The City...but not before I stop at one of my FAVORITE places down here to get coffee!!!

I'm telling you, this city has some of the best food around. Ohhh, how I loooooove it.

Welp! I've got to run around and check out of my hotel before this next event, but I'll be back soon with the recipe for THIS DELICIOUSNESS...

Think warm, creamy, cheesy goodness with chunks of chicken on the inside. I'm hungry already!


Hasta luego!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Fun Facts


FRIDAY AT LAST! Ohhhh the relief. I have no idea what's happening this weekend, only that we'll be staying far, far away from the noisy crowd of the St. Paddy's Day parade here in The City.

All I know is that there is a high of 70 here tomorrow and I hope to be outside loving it! There may or may not be some BodyPump involved - but weee shall seeee!!!!

Stay tuned, friends. That's all I can say.

So - moving on! - here are a few things that have rocked my world lately:

one. I tried Vietnamese food for the first time tonight. I was taken aback by the lango on the menu - but thankfully there were translations that were only half as scary! I kid, I kid. Hubs and I both ordered the shrimp hot pot (he's eaten there many times), and it was delicious: shrimp, noodles, and steaming hot rice with a side of soup. What is it about white rice that is just so...comforting and satisfying? Aaaahh good ol' starches.

two. A couple of nights ago, we were talking about various desserts and dishes that I want to make when Hubs asked, "Have you ever made a blueberry pie?" In all honesty, I don't think I've ever had a blueberry pie. I've had blueberry cobbler (I think) and something my dad called "Blueberry Yum-Yum" (catchy, yes?), but I don't think I've ever had blueberry pie.

It was right then and there that we both determined we HAD to put some of this deliciousness in our lives as soon as possible. Hubs called his mom (around, say...11pm?) to get the recipe, kind of forgetting that she MAY be asleep at this point - because, obviously, everyone stays up late like us talking about food...right? Right? {crickets}

Anyway, half asleep, she gave us the recipe and our lives were complete. Until tonight when we actually made it. And WHOA.


three. Next week is going to be epic. CUH-RAZY, no joke. I have a huge and important meeting on Monday afternoon that kind of makes my knees shake and my tummy flip just thinking about it. On Tuesday and Wednesday I'll head down to my college town to help out with some alumni bizz-NISS, speak at a meeting, then represent our office at a career fair before getting back here to The City on Wednesday night.

Then...on Friday afternoon, we pick up the keys to our new apartment because WEEEEEEEE'RE MOVING!

Saturday is the Color Me Rad 5k here (I recounted our experience briefly last year in this post), and you bet yer britches we'll be there, loving every color-exploding moment of it! Then we'll head back to the apartment(s) for a full day of moving our stuff to the new place!


Saturday's sleep will be a great, great thing. Prayers for the next week will be GREATLY appreciated :)

four. On the nights when I don't make it to the gym, I like to stay in and do these Barre3 workout DVDs. I was slightly skeptical of the hype of it all, but I tried a Pure Barre class once and loved it; plus, when I found a Groupon where I could get 5 DVDs for half the price right after Christmas, I had to jump on it.

So far, I'm extremely pleased with the 4 workouts I've tried! I have one more left to try out, but there's one that I can't seem to get away from - I really love it! Barre3 moves slow enough so that you can relax and keep up, but moves quickly enough that you don't get bored with it.

I absolutely LOVE the feeling of being sore and relaxed afterward. The first couple of times I tried it, I was sore for days - and it felt great :)

If you're interested, here's a great deal via QVC. It's worth a shot if you're looking to switch up your routine a little.

five. Speaking of workouts, starting tomorrow I'm doing the 30-Day Squat Challenge. For 30 days, you work your way up to doing 250 squats. I found this challenge via a retweet from Women's Health, so I figure I've got nothing to lose by trying it out! Anyone care to join me?

Here's to stronger glutes and a firmer bum!

six. Yesterday I skipped the gym (and later did a Barre3 workout WHOO!) and opted to call my friend Jessica instead. Jessica is one of those people where, as soon as we met, we just...clicked. I don't remember the exact moment we met in college, but it's safe to safe that I really don't remember a time where we weren't friends in college! Jessica and her husband live in Georgia (for now - they may be moving soon!) and are expecting their first little bambino in the next few months!!!!!! Can we say excitement? Aaaahh I'm so happy for them!

Anyway, I'm not exactly what some would call a "phone talker," but I miss my girls A LOT and just needed some "Jessica" time I guess. We talked for almost an hour about basically everything in the world - and let me tell you, I felt better mentally than I would after any workout.

Moral of today's story: Grab your phone and go call someone you love and miss. Call them for no reason at all but just to say hello. It does wonders for your day and theirs! :)

...And now that it's officially Saturday, I believe I'll put on my jammies and hit my pillow. Sleep is gooooood :)

Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"Better Sore than Sorry"

That's what my Body Pump instructor said in class one night.

And you know what?

She was right.

I took a walk on the WILD SIDE last night and upped the weight on my bar ever-so-slightly -- and I am FEELING IT today! Quads, shoulders, tris, and armpits {oh, the armpits}...Ohhhhh how I love the feeling of being sore!

Strangely enough, I'm not the least bit sarcastic when I say that.

This weekend was a whirlwind, to say the least. Think 4 cities in 2 days, by the time Monday and Tuesday passed (with long workdays throughout) -- it's safe to say that I basically crashed onto my pillow last night and didn't move all night.

Totally worth it though! After a successful work event on the coast Friday night (about three and a half hours from here, we arrived home a little after midnight, then headed to my parents' house 3 hours away late Saturday afternoon. Sunday we drove another hour South to visit with The Hubs's family, then made the trek back here to The City.

As tired as we were, it felt SO GREAT to be able to spend even a little bit of time with our families. Plus, this weekend was my sister's BRIDAL SHOWER back at our home church!

Home sweet home - oh yes indeed :)

Here wedding is EXACTLY ONE MONTH from today -- and I'm supremely PUMPED.

...And speaking of pumped, lately I've joined my friend Lauren in the "100 Days of Happy" project - and it's a lot of fun! Basically, every day for 100 days, you take a photo of something that makes you happy...I think, originally, it was meant for people to post on their blogs, Facebook, Instagram, etc., but we've got a group of about 4 of us going via group text and we've really enjoyed it!

Funny side note: We're all in various parts of the country, and the only one I know personally is Lauren - so BONUS POINTS for getting to know new people, ha!

It's funny how, once we started, I've started really looking forward to everyone's texts and photos and taking my own. It really encourages you to look for the "happy" in every day! Give it a try!

We're on Day 29 today - so I won't post everything, but here are some of the highlights over the past month!

This guy. He makes me so, so happy :)
Love this man!

Peanut-butter-chocolate cupcake for a Friday treat!
Huge, yet so delicious.

Cake-batter flavored chapstick!
Flavor without the calories!

After many, many weeks of dreary, cold, and rainy weather,
the SUN finally came out and warmed us up to a wonderful 63 degrees!

Beautiful sunset while out for a run one day!

The guys at work let me get on set and PRETEND to be on camera.
Aaaahh little things in life :)

Out for a run by the water on a gorgeous Saturday morning!

Mardi Gras cookies that turned out COLORFUL and DELICIOUS!
Bonus: I FINALLY baked something that was a success!

{despite my wimpy weights! #beginner =) }

And there we have it! Just a few highlights from the past week and month - what makes YOU happy every day? Give the "100 Days" challenge a try - go on, I dare ya!

I'm kind of hooked.