Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Few (caffeinated) Thoughts

Today my boss liked one of my ideas (I know it's true because she used an exclamation point in her email - WHAATT) so I celebrated by getting a tiny fancy coffee on the lunch break.

Delicious AND invigorating, I tell you.

I should do that everyday. The wonders that it works on my mind and energy are astonishing.

SO! To add to the pointless, rushed, and thrown-together blog post from yesterday - here are some very random, only slightly-caffeinated thoughts that are ping-ponging around my head at the moment. Enjoy!

one. I've been taking a cake-decorating class for the past few weeks and, while it's been loads of fun, I'm incredibly BAD at it. Next week is our final class and we'll have present a fully baked and decorated cake - so I'll be baking and decorating up a storm over the weekend to prep for it. My Mister could not be happier.

two. Despite my atrocious work with icing, I'm surprisingly decent at making roses. If all efforts fail next week, you can expect photos of a cake covered with roses and edible glitter. Because that's just what everyone looks for in a cake decorator, right? "Surprisingly decent" work?

three. I've been on a MAJOR Broadway music kick for the past three weeks or so. Particularly and really ONLY all things sung by the likes of Sutton Foster. From Shrek to Little Women and Anything Goes - it's all on my Spotify playlist at work. And I can't stop singing "Christopher Columbus -- I'll be astonishinnnng...ASTONISHIIIINNNNGGG!!!!" (via Little Women).

...And Thoroughly Modern Millie is on REPEAT in my car and no one can stop me! :)

Fun fact about me: I've kind of  been obsessed with musical theatre since I played an owl in our community theatre's AMAZING production of "Snow White" when I was 7 years old. I got GLOWING reviews, by the way. GLOWING. Snow White who? I mean, "HOOOO!"

four. If you're not a musical theatre fan: sadly, I am only kind of sorry for the previous note.

five. I read Mindy Kaling's book, "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" on the Fourth of July a few weeks ago and laughed harder than I have at any book in a long time. It's ridiculously relatable and a wonderful, lighthearted read. It also made me remember how badly I've always wanted to be a writer - whether in print or on TV, it just sounds exciting and challenging and fulfilling. The way she describes the creative process, the atmosphere in the "writers room" (oooohhh), and other aspects of the job - I couldn't put the book down and kept wanting to know more and more.

Side note:  Last year, Hubs and I met up with some friends for a teacher's retirement party. At the party, the teacher displayed work from lots of the students from each class, and wouldn't you know we found one of my projects from EIGHTH GRADE? The project was something about jobs and whatnot and what I wrote back then (as a chubby, awkward 13-year-old) kind of floored me. I wrote about wanting to work in film and TV; I wanted to "direct and produce and even write the scripts because I love to write" -- no kidding. Funny how some things never change ;) Aaah, dream jobs. There are SO MANY in my mind - ha!

six. I've been a terrible cook as of late. Lately our meals have consisted of "what can be thrown together the fastest and still taste decent" alongside frozen vegetables. I almost tried to pass off Jell-o as a meal one night but figured that might be taking things a LEEETLE too far. So what did we pair it with? Vegetables. I really don't remember the last time I cooked meat and our last few meals are kind of a blur in my mind. Tonight I'm planning to make Butter Chicken (as in, Indian Food YEAH!), but let's face it --- while it SOUNDS fancy, the sauce is pre-made and all I have to do is throw it on some cooked chicken. I'm pretty much failing at this wife thing. But, hey, at least our clothes are washed and clean! Right? Right? :p

seven. Last night I was grocery shopping and I guess God knew I needed a laugh because, as I was reaching for some Jamaican Jerk marinade - the BIGGEST FREAKIEST MOST GIANT GRASSHOPPER I HAVE EVER SEEN came out of NOWHERE and started wigging out that I moved the jar in front of him. I'm NOT proud of the fact that I, too, wigged out in the middle of the store. I mean, wouldn't you???? Look at this thing!!!! He was about the size of my whole hand!

UGH. I'm getting the creeps and shivers just looking at the thing again. AAH. #notabugfan

Happy Wednesday, friends - here's to a MUCH less weird post next time!


  1. I have been a little busy lately but enjoyed catching up on your blog today. The one with Frozen references gave me a god laugh. Thanks.

  2. That was suppose to read good laugh!

    1. Well thank you, Ms. Ginger! I always appreciate a good "God"-sized laugh ;)