Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Many Stages of Running a 5K

Happy Wednesday folks!!!

We're halfway through the week, and I'm so thankful that it looks like it's going pretty well so far. The new job is teaching me a lot, but I feel like I'm starting to adjust and settle in.

So we pretty much had the most low-key Fourth of July weekend ever - I'm not complaining! We've been running around a lot lately so it was nice to be able to have some down time...although I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a TEENY bit envious of all the beach and vacation picture I kept seeing! ;) With the new gig I can't take any vacation time for at least a couple of months - so I imagine come September/October we just might be leaving on a jet plane!!!! {First Anniversary - whoop whoop!)

The highlight of the weekend was Friday morning - after three years we were finally able to participate in our city's annual Fourth of July 5k run: The Watermelon Classic. In the past it has sold out so quickly, so the fact that we were able to get in was a big deal for us!

Or maybe it was just me. Bur honestly? I get just as excited and pumped up about a race as I do for nearly any country music concert or festival. {All the Miranda fans say HEEEYYYYY!!!!}

Fun fact about me:  I actually don't dread getting up early (as in - 6am or earlier) to run a fun race. I do, however, find it increasingly difficult to be thrilled to get up by or before 7am for work or any other activity,

Another fun fact:  I hate crowds. Like, with a passion. Especially when it's a huge crowd of people that I don't know, never met, etc. I'm naturally a VERY shy person, so it can get a little overwhelming in a large group. HOWEVER! At a race --- the more people running, the better.

That's not weird at all, right? RIGHT?????

The Watermelon Classic had a great course - relatively flat with a few hills here and there, and lots of music and watermelon at the end. Aaaaahh-mazing.

Moving on!

I have this weird thought process that I usually go through on the mornings of a race - any race. 5ks, 10ks, half-marathons, whatever the scenario. It's exactly the same with each and every race - yet I don't exactly realize it or snap out of it until I'm actually done with the race and feeling all the endorphins happening :)

But,my mind? Well, it goes a little something like this on Race Day:

  • {Cue alarm} Nope. Too early. Snooze.
  • {Second alarm} Ehhhhh....I can get ready in 5 minutes, tops. Snooze.
  • {Third alarm} Yep. Time to get up. STRETCH.
  • Why are races in the morning????
  • I'm an idiot. I suck at life. Stupid early mornings. Stupid races.
  • At least my gym clothes are comfortable.
  • WOW it feels good to stretch.
  • At least there will be snacks after the race. I'll take a nap afterward. Not too bad.
  • En route to the race: Thiiiiiiiis is gonna be awesome. I'm ready. Sooooo ready.
  • Starting line: Whoop whoop! Let's do this!
  • At the half-mile mark: WHAT AM I DOING
  • A hill? What the heck???? It's too early in the race for hills!
  • Downhill - Score!
  • 1.5 mile mark - Second wind...I'm gonna sprint!
  • AIR! AIR! I NEED AIR! Slowing down.
  • More hills? Bring it.
  • Water stop - nah, I'm good! Wait, it's 98 degrees at 8am. Yeahhhhh.....
  • Finish line!!! WHOOO!!!! 
  • When's the next race? Where can I sign up? Can we run again later today? OMGILOVERUNNING

I'm a tad overdramatic - and not at all a morning person.

Happy Wednesday party people!

What runs through your mind when you do something that challenges you?

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