Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mind the Gap

Happy July party people!!!

We are creeping up on the Fourth - and I have to say I'm ridiculously pumped. And caffeinated!

Yes, definitely caffeinated. Mmmm coffee.

Well! I started my new job last week and so far, so good. I pretty much dropped all technology on my trip to Georgia the week before (more on that later!), and I'm still trying to find my groove with this new schedule. Sure, I can blog when I get home, but the weather has been so beautiful lately I have little desire to open up a computer screen when I get home in the afternoons.

Aaah summer  :)

So anyway! After leaving my last job, it was vacation time and I hit the sunny skies to head to Georgia to visit my friend Jessica from college. Jess and her husband James are expecting their first bebe' in few (short!) months - so we soaked up all the girl time we could for 3 and a half days!

I've said it before, but there's just something about re-connecting with longtime friends and having some serious girl time. We had the best time.

But of course, how could we NOT when we were coming home to these sweet faces every night?

It's okay -- you can say it. Awwwww....


As soon as my plane landed, Jessica and James whisked me off for a full day of exploring Savannah. I must have said "wow" a thousand times that day -- everything was just incredible. The buildings, the history, the FOOD -- so many interesting things have happened/are happening there. I'll absolutely be back!

Lunch was on Tybee Island, where we ordered a GIANT platter of delicious seafood -- crab legs, crawfish, shrimp, potatoes, corn...the works -- and enjoyed it along with THIS VIEW:

...which was later followed by an incredible dinner in Savannah that considered of a pizza slice BIGGER THAN MY HEAD (see fork for reference):

Surprisingly, I don't have a ton of pictures from the trip. But then again, I rarely took out my phone in hopes of enjoying a technology hiatus. And let me tell you, it was a successful trip, in part because of that.

Even considering the fact that I woke up at 3:20 that morning to catch an early flight and consequently fell asleep on a late-afternoon trolley tour in Savannah. Oh it was lovely. Our driver had stopped the trolley and we were admiring this great, historic building with such a great story (so I'm told) and BAM. Sleepiness hit me and there I was - head hanging out the window, mouth wide open - ASLEEP...right in the middle of Savannah's historic district.

I'm the epitome of grace, I tell you this.

Thankfully, Jess was a dear sweet friend and elbowed me before too many people walking by could get a good laugh.

Thanks Jess! ;)

While James got up early and went to work on Tuesday, Jess and I took a girls' trip over to a nearby island to picnic at a state park and grab some beach time. We had THE BEST day -- since it was the middle of the week, the beach wasn't crowded and we were able to just explore to our heart's desire! We spent the entire day there and loved every minute of it:

By Thursday I was back in The City and on Friday morning I drove to my college town to meet two MORE college friends (it feels like ages since I've seen them!) for brunch. Fancy, that we are.

See? I told ya we were fancy :)

When was the last time you reconnected with friends or family?

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