Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Day That Was Not A Friday

So today I woke up and thought FOR SURE it was Friday.

And multiple times throughout the day I DEFINITELY thought it was Friday.

But it's Thursday. And that's okay :) Because until then I'll just continue to sit here and listen to Frozen (STILL).

Can't help it. I read an article where "Once Upon A Time" released the first photo of Elsa and Kristoph (???) and BOOM. In. My. Head.

I apologize to those of you who are now hearing at least one song from Frozen somewhere in the depths of your mind.

Happy Not Friday, party people!

It's funny what a difference a week can make - am I right? See, For the First Time in Forever, I've been hitting the gym consistently after work. I've been at this new job for about a month now and feel like I've finally got a decent routine now and can usually "fit in" what I absolutely need to during the day.

...I've also discovered that life is MUCH less complicated if I just pack my gym bag at night and bring it with me to work, that way I can go straight from work to the gym with little distraction in between.

Brilliant, right? Don't answer that.

And, although the weather has been a little iffy lately, we've been able to get outside and walk/run a little - and it just feels great. Because really, who doesn't love being outside In Summer?

My job is located in what USED to be a mall, only the stores have been replaced with tons of offices, departments and indoor walking areas - which actually is a great advantage since I can use my lunch break to take a walk without breaking a sweat from the outside heat. SCORE.

So walking at lunch = exercise at work = endorphins in the middle of the day. DOUBLE SCORE.

This also helps to get away and find relief from whatever may be freaking me out at the moment -- being the new person brings quite the learning curve. But -- thanks to these oh-so-lovely daily walks -- there comes a point in the middle of the day where I can just Let It Go and be one with the wind and sskyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

Come on. You KNEW I had to go there.

You saw that coming.

But seriously.

I'm actually hoping (and thinkin'....and prayin....!) to get back to posting recipes soon. <--- GASP I'm actually trying a new recipe TONIGHT so who knows what the future will hold???? Just bear with me a little longer and these posts won't be so weird. It's just a bit of a Fixer Upper.

Okay okay -- I know I'm the only one laughing now. ;)

I know the three of you who sometimes halfway read this little blog of mine (<- THANK YOU) are rejoicing right now. I can hear your praises from here. It's okay. I don't mind it.

...or maybe it's just my coworkers from a few rows over because there's cake somewhere in the building.

Either way - Whoo hoo!

Have a fantastic Almost-Weekend everybody!

...and remember that tomorrow is NOT Saturday!!!!

((Me after a nice workout))

((only without the snow))

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