Monday, August 25, 2014

A List for Monday

So I blinked and apparently it's Monday?

Actually, as I type this, it's nearing the end of the workday, so it's basically Tuesday.

Which means we're almost to the weekend guys!!!


As you'll find out soon enough, I'm pretty caffeinated - thanks to the coffee shop that considers a 16-ounce cup a size "small" (!!!!!!!) - and therefore have failed miserably at conjuring up one nice, evenly-flowing, beautifully worded post. So here I present to you the ping-pong thoughts bouncing around in my mind at the moment!

ONE. As I've mentioned before, Hubs and I are training for the St. Jude Half Marathon in Memphis coming up in December. Saturday we met up with a few of our teammates and knocked out a GORGEOUS 5-mile run on a paved trail just outside of The City. While normally I cringe at getting up before 7am at 5:15 am EVER on a Saturday, I actually was really excited and ready to rock when the alarm went off that morning. #loverunning

YES - I am THAT GIRL who (occasionally) snaps pictures while running. But, I mean, can you see my point? Just look at that view (and the SHADE!) and imagine running with a beautiful sunrise. Plus, it felt AMAZING outside at that time of morning.


Pre-103 degree heat index :)

Side note: As a running team leading up to the race, we've pledged to raise some dollars for the St. Jude Heroes program. Everything we raise will go directly to St. Jude Children's Hospital. If you're curious about it or interested in donating, you can do so on our page HERE. There's no pressure - just throwing it out there!

TWO. Although I've frequently mentioned my love of brunch, I'm not a particularly huge fan of breakfast food. But after our run on Saturday, we decided to refuel with some breakfast at a new-to-us place nearby - and I was thoroughly impressed. Egg white omelet with goat cheese, tomatoes, and spinach? SOLD.

...and I could talk for hours about the coffee (BONUS POINTS for the fun mug). I'm already ready to go back :)

THREE. The "Save the Undies" ad has been popping up on my Spotify playlist DAILY for about a week now. I don't mind the ads, but it can be PRETTY odd when my {male} co-workers walk by and there's THIS giant of an add taking up my screen. Can't help but chuckle just a little ;) Especially when I'm jamming out RIGHT in the middle of some Shane and Shane.

Somehow those two things just don't seem to go together. #awkwardlaughter

FOUR. I had to run an errand during lunch today, so while I was out I splurged with a little treat from one of my favorite little coffee places :)

I think it was called the Mt. Rainer or something about a mountaintop --- but it basically tastes like a liquid Andes Mint. Oh my YUM. Yes indeed. Plus the "small" option was a 16-ounce cup. Jittery much????? :)

FIVE. I pulled a muscle in my lower back yesterday and apparently this has turned me into an ancient old lady. Grocery shopping last night was WILDLY entertaining, as was getting in and out of the car this morning. I'm convinced that I'm roughly two-point-five applications of IcyHot away from having to balance myself on a cane just to get around. Some things aren't pretty but slightly entertaining.

SIX. And now that's practically Friday again (ha), I'll leave you on a positive note and a song in your heart. I'm completely loving these songs right now and simply cannot get enough of them. There's such a wonderful message in both of them. Enjoy, friends. And Happy Monday :)

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