Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Final Product

So LAST WEEK - I finished a month-long course in basic cake decorating (!!!!) - and it was all kinds of fun. On Monday night I wanted to practice and prep so I would feel a leeeetle more comfortable in class on Tuesday, plus it helped me determine my strong points so I COULD WIN.

Just kidding. There was no contest or winners. We weren't even graded or given a Pass/Fail.

But the teacher liked mine best so WIN!!!!!

Actually, she never exactly said that OUT LOUD, per se...but I could tell. I could totally tell. For. Realz.

Sooooo this here is the practice cake --- I couldn't decide between the stars-slash-tiny-flowers look or big luscious roses, so I just divided it up and went for both.

As we can see here, this side was pretty girly and ever so slightly lame but HEY roses = icing so YES.

Plus the icing colors worked out really well. Neon Food Coloring FOR THE WIN.

And as we can CLEARLY see -- my "cascading" stars-slash-let's-pretend-they're-tiny-flowers look didn't QUITE pan out. But it was actually fun just piling on the icing.

So, since I only slightly failed at the flowery look, I threw on some sprinkles and called it a night. Because sprinkles make everything better. EVERYTHING.

...despite the aftermath in our tiny kitchen.

By Tuesday night, I was amped and ready to go -- I shared a table with one other girl during class and we had equipment and tools GALORE. It took me the entire two-hour class, but I finished and was actually really happy with the final product!

My only reservation was that, at some point in the mixing process, I got a little too happy with the green  coloring. So rather than a calming meadow green it came out rather hunter green. But hey, we'll just pretend it's garden cake!

Grass looks appetizing right?

Oh, and I overestimated the size of my cake and made WAY too many roses -- but they did turn out pretty and shiny, and that was exciting :)


For the rest of the week, we had CAKE. FOR. DAYS. DAYS, I tell you!

And while that's never a bad thing for cake-lovers such as myself and the Mister, having THREE CAKES in ONE KITCHEN seemed a little much.

((...I made an extra cake the night before just in case something happened to my cake in class))


Thankfully, the Mister's co-workers were gracious enough to devour one cake, we did some SIGNIFICANT damage to another one at home, and the extra one - well, it wasn't exactly wrapped properly and grew stale kind of quickly.

Works for me! #lesscalories

At some point in the future I'm hoping to take the next level course - so who knows WHAT we'll get ourselves into next????

Also --- with all the cake behind us, I've actually been able to cook again! I've got a quite a few recipes up my sleeve and can't wait to share!

I'm off for a quick workout! Hollaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

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