Friday, August 29, 2014


Earlier this week, my friend Lauren challenged me to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Side note: Extreme Southern accent ahead. Since marrying my husband I'm convinced it's grown even stronger (AAAAH). I opted to spare you from the twangfest and show you the condensed version of the video. YA WELCOME.

Side note #2: #HailState. Until tomorrow when they play my beloved Eagles, that is.

Well, none of those I challenged in this video have blogs - so I'm issuing a NEW challenge to my bloggy friends!

Whether you read this blog or not (and it's TOTALLY okay if you don't, but you're AWESOME if you do!) --- you have OFFICIALLY been challenged and have 48 hours from the time you read this to complete it.

That's right!

Natalie - I'm talking to YOU!
Lindsey S. (aka BEAST) - Get ready to get soaked!
Ginger - I've read your comments!
and Jessica - YEP. You and James. GET IT!

Consider yourself CHALLENGED.

And on a very sincere note - I love that this challenge has brought so much awareness to ALS. I have a close family friend that has been living with it for over 7 years now, and the strength that he and his family have found in God through all of this is awe-inspiring. So along with all of the fun, excitement, laughs, and ICE that comes along as these challenges continue, please say a prayer for those that live with this disease every day. Pray that they and their families will find strength, comfort, peace, and healing, and that one day {soon} there will be a cure in this world.

That's all for now! I'll be back later today with another update!

Happy Friday, friends!

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