Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Thoughts

I've sat down at least TWICE this week to write a post or two, but to be quite honest, there's not a lot going on right now and I thought I'd spare you pointless details about the tacos I made on Tuesday night and the beautiful weather we've had lately.

Don't you love me? :)

However, it's been kind of quiet over here today, and I've found that writing keeps me HIGHLY entertained. So bear with me, because

ONE. There are some people that can go all day at work - all eight hours or so - and still leave looking just as flawless as they did when they arrived that morning. I am NOT one of those people.

Please, somebody, tell me how it's done! How on EARTH do you people keep your hair looking FANTASTIC? How do you keep ALL OF YOUR MAKEUP ON through the day? By noon mine is non- existent and my hair looks A HOT mess.

TWO. Ever since our daycation last weekend, I'm in full-blown vacay mode. Unfortunately, it's impossible to find a place to stay, um, ANYWHERE near the beach without roughly SIX MONTHS notice. I have an idea or two I'm stewing on, but it MIGHT have to wait until June.

JUNE. Patience is not my strong suit.

THREE. Today we had a baby shower at work. With what appears to be THE MOST fantastic diaper cake I've ever seen in my life.

I kind of want a centerpiece like this for my dining room table. I have a feeling that JUST might be vetoed by a certain tall man wearing a ridiculous hat.

FOUR. Speaking of baby shower, I MOST DEFINITELY bought THESE SHOES for my gift. I have no idea if the couple were registered anywhere, but as soon as I heard the words "baby girl gift" my mind IMMEDIATELY said "GLITTER."



If I found these in adult sizes I would most certainly own them by now.

FIVE. It's been five months since our St. Jude race in Memphis, and my knee/leg issue has FINALLY healed up. So I'm celebrating tomorrow by - WHY NOT - doing a 5K, because the weather has been fantastic lately and all I want to do is RUN THE RACES.

Fingers crossed that my leg really is, in fact, healed up and there will be no hobbling like last time! :)

SIX. Every year around this time I catch myself thinking about how nice it must be to be teacher with summer break right around the corner. But THEN I remember how scary it must be to be outnumbered by small children and/or teenagers, and then crawl back into my cube to continue sending emails to people who are not, technically, children.

SEVEN. The Hannah and Kaylee Show. Gets me EVERY TIME. Watch their stuff and just TRY not to laugh.

EIGHT. I saw this yesterday and was THISCLOSE to sending it to Hubs at work. Considering the fact that we don't exactly have a dog (or any kind of pet) I'm thinking it will not fly.

A girl can dream.

Have a great weekend everybody! And to all those mamas out there -- Happy Mother's Day!

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