Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Weekend Adventures

Isn't it nice how a quick out-of-town trip can lift your spirits?

This past weekend was a combined birthday-slash-Mother's Day weekend celebration for us, and the drive home is always worth it.

We kicked off the weekend on Friday night with an outdoor concert hosted by the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra on the Reservoir near our city.

The weather was absolutely perfect for picnic blankets, sailboats, and music from the movies.

And of course, fireworks at the end!

Saturday had an early start with Magnolia Meltdown 5K...

And it didn't disappoint! Around mile 2 my knee started hurting again, so maybe I'm not 100% "healed up" like I thought, but I'm definitely on my way!

YEAH for running again!

The rest of the weekend included crawfish, berry pie, and a little early Mother's Day cele-bray-sheon.

Not before stopping at Sonic, though :)

Is ANYONE ELSE out there basically ADDICTED to the new slushes? I've been to Sonic more times in the past two months than I have in my entire life. Roughly.

I'm not proud, but I'm DEFINITELY not sorry.



Handwritten thank-you cards are the best.

...Especially when there are days like this:

But that's another story for {maybe} another day ;)

Happy Wednesday!

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