Monday, May 4, 2015


Whooooo-weeee what a whirlwind of a weekend.

...And pre-weekend.

Because I'm still catching up on sleep yo!

FIRST and FOREMOST, though....

People. We have a Royal Baby.

I'll spare you the details of how obsessed excited I am and all the things that the news media has already covered. Except....

Can we TALK about how pretty the name Charlotte is???

Okay, that is all.


Saturday morning (oddly enough, right about the time the Royal Baby was announced) Hubs and I headed out for a last-minute road trip to the big ol' city of Robertsdale, Alabama.

Population: 264

...or something like that.

We had some specific business to tend to, and afterwards realized we were a mere 30 minutes from one of my favorite places IN THE WORLD::::::

...and a whopping 45 minutes from one of my OTHER favorite places EEN ZEE WORLD:::::

I mean, we couldn't drive 3.5 hours and NOT go a little further to Gulf Shores, am I right?

Because we're geniuses and didn't plan properly (we actually didn't realize how close we were going to be), we made a flying trip into the Walmarts nearby and racked up on clearance swim items.

An $8 swimsuit and a couple of Tshirts later and we were SET.

Plus The Mister snagged this foxy hat, which (I feel like) he wants you to know that he is VERY proud of.

He plans to wear it on multiple OTHER occasions, by the way. I plan to veto that motion.

We couldn't spend the night due to other plans, but the 4.5-hour drive back was MORE than worth it.

Next time, though, we're definitely staying for longer.

Happy Monday, party people! And remember:

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