Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Thoughts


It's Friday and THIS is my HAPPY DANCE:::::::::::

Thoughts for today:

one. No sign of Royal Baby #2 yet. However, here is a royal slideshow that tracks The Royals' road to Baby #2. It's silly, but I had a jolly good giggle. 

two. They're calling this whole she-bang The Great Kate Wait. This MIGHT be taking it a leeeeettle too far, people. And that's coming from ME.

three. Since we've started The Great House Hunt of 2015, all I can think about in terms of requirements is that I MUST, at some point in time, be able to have a PORCH BED. Don't you want to come drink coffee with me IN MY PORCH BED????

...aaaand now I want a nap.

four. I took one of those crazy surveys last week to see "Which Steel Magnolia Character" I was. My result?


Oh Ouiser. You've ALWAYS been my favorite :)

five. I also took a quiz to find out "My Spirit Animal" or some nonsense.

Does anyone know what a PANGOLIN is? Except for GROSS?

Apparently it's some sort of "scaly anteater" creature or something. I'm NOT sure how I feel about this.

six. Last week I got my very first monogram! I'm only a year and a half late, but who's counting, right? ;) The Mister and I were shopping around in this CUTE little home store here, and when I saw the color of this hat I knew I just HAD to have it with a monogram. Didn't they do a great job???

It's coral with navy writing. I am IN LOVE and now I want to monogram ALL THE THINGS.

seven. This week I finished reading Melanie Shankle's "Nobody's Cuter Than You." Let me tell you, this book made my heart SO HAPPY like none other. It's the sweetest, funniest thing, and you feel like she is right there telling you every single story. I laughed and smiled so much while reading this book...and it made me REALLY miss all of my ladies!!!

HIGHLY recommend this one, people ;)


That's all for today - have a great one!

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