Friday, April 17, 2015

Reekly Wecap

...because for some reason it's nearly impossibly for me to say it correctly.

But regardless - HOORAY! It's Friday!

This week has been a nice one. Despite a couple of nights of thunderstorms that brought me to the fetal position until The Mister got home, there were actually a few evenings that included long walks and pretty sunsets.

Homemade pizza is getting to be a weekly tradition at our place - and I've got to admit it's one of my favorite things to cook. We tried this out on Sunday night with mozzarella-stuffed crust and olives sprinkled on top.

A taco truck came to my office on Tuesday!

The owner only spoke English, and the cook only spoke Spanish. It was fun to see them interact - and they cooked up THE BEST chorizo tacos I've eaten yet.

Well, Mexican tacos anyway. Let's not forget the Shark Tacos we had down in Folly Beach last year :) Or the BBQ tacos from the old gas station down the street. As shady as that sounds - they were actually QUITE phenomenal.

Oh tacos. They have my heart.

On Wednesday - I received a special delivery from my sister in Mobile!

Why yes, that IS a piece of wedding cake that had just been delivered to our doorstep!

Some families send cards or letters or flowers and whatnot. My family sends CAKE. This is NOT the first time a piece has been mailed across the Mississippi-Alabama line...I do not lie!

We do love our cake 'round these parts. And we just hate to miss out on an occasion that involves it - so this is our fun little way of including each other in things from afar.

I experimented with a new recipe last night based off of my crawfish pie recipe, only this time wrapped in a crescent roll. We were pleasantly surprised :)

And today was a T-shirt day at work. Oh happy day, indeed!

It's part of a fundraiser our organization is doing. If you want my money, give me a T-shirt :)

That pretty much sums it up for this week, folks. The weather looks gloomy for tomorrow, but there's a wee bit of sunshine left for today. Hope you have a happy Friday!

One day I'll be more interesting. I promise ;)

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