Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Girl Weekend

Living with a boy definitely has its advantages.

Something on the top shelf? He's got it.

Heavy box to lift into the closet? Easy.

Sixteen bags of groceries to take up to our third floor apartment? Nooooooo problem.

Hubs is no doubt my best friend. And living with him is great. But one of my FIRST and longest best friends was (and still is!) my cousin Kayla. We've been talking for months about her coming up for a weekend stay, and this weekend IT TOTALLY HAPPENED.

Girl time is oh-so-good for the soul, my peeps. I assure you this.

Hubs had to work late on Friday, and by the time Kayla got to the apartment, I was just finishing up supper. So we put on comfy clothes, ate chicken and dumplings (down South we just call it "dumplins"), and chatted the evening away.

The Hubs got home and we all talked and talked some more.

Until around 11:30 that night when we decided it was high time to BAKE SOME CUPCAKES.

Clearly, the passionate love for cupcakes DOES IN FACT run in our family.

They were oh-so-delicious.

Saturday morning we slept late and ate cupcakes AGAIN before heading to a late breakfast at our FAVORITE BREAKFAST PLACE EVER.

(outside of Cracker Barrel, I mean. Because Homegirl loves her CB.)

You guessed it! I do love the Broken Egg with all of my whole little heart!

The weather was even in the 60s again so we could eat on the patio!

Many a beignet, omelet, and potato were consumed, but not before we could have our annual struggle to take the perfect picture!

Regardless, the girl can't take a bad picture. Seriously though, isn't she gorgeous???

We spent the rest of the day shopping - because Kayla is my ultimate shopping buddy, and then Saturday night my friend Christy and her husband came over for dinner. But because I'm lame I neglected to take any and all photos so please forgive me and enjoy this photo of Miniature Goat that I want kind of badly!!!

Blog writer FAIL.

Then Sunday we all went to church, came home to our PJs, and consumed EVEN MORE CUPCAKES while watching Father of the Bride.

Parts one AND two, mind you.

Do we know how to party or WHAT.

But in all seriousness, this weekend was just oh-so-lovely and warms my heart to its very core.

I've said it before, but there's just something about being around family that just makes everything okay. We got to hang out, catch up, talk about all sorts of stuff like girls do, and just be together.

So this post really doesn't serve much of a purpose other than to reiterate my belief that best friends, famliy, and cupcakes make everything a-okay. Hope your week is getting good at this point, friends :)

Happy Wednesday!

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