Thursday, April 16, 2015

If You Give A Girl A Checkbook

If you give a girl a checkbook,
She’ll likely pay her bills.
But she’ll start some online shopping,
Her budget keeping, still (WINK!).

She’ll remember there’s a gift card,
She received it long ago.
She can use it for this purchase,
And save her money, WHOA!

“But where is this card?”
She’ll ponder to herself.
OH, it’s in my old purse,
In my closet on the shelf!

So she’ll put down her shopping,
To the closet she will race,
To find that that old purse,
Is no longer in its place!

She’ll clean off the shelves,
‘Til her closet she has purged.
She will search through EVERYTHING,
And hopes that purse will emerge.

She’ll find old clothes and shoes,
That she no longer wears,
And toss them into storage,
To get them out of her hair.

But then she’ll see how messy
Her apartment has become.
She’ll surely trip o’er everything.
“Enough!” she’ll say, “I’m done!”

The time is right, she’ll think,
To take a trip to Target.
She’ll grab her keys and scurry,
With her debit card and wallet!

And Target, oh that magical place,
Let’s all its praises sing!
For its clothing, groceries, STORAGE BINS,
And all the sparkly things!

A girl will gather what she needs,
Especially storage supplies.
She’ll go home and get to business,
To get that closet organized!

She’ll work and she’ll work,
For hours upon end.
Sorting, searching, cleaning still,
This night’s for sure a win!

But when the closet she has finished,
That purse she hasn’t found.
She cleans her bedroom, kitchen, her living room too,
And everything else around.

But once there’s nothing left to clean,
Or organize or sort,
“Oh my!” she’ll say, “It’s 1 AM!
My mission I must abort!”

So as she lies that night in bed,
She’ll think of the time she took.
A seven-hour search for just one thing!

And it all started with a checkbook.

...But I wouldn't know anything about that ;)