Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sunkist Dreams


What a doozy of a week!

I have a FANTASTICAL recipe that I experimented with over the weekend, but right now my mind is going in about 6000 different directions. Thanks in NO SMALL PART to the aforementioned "doozy" that was the week!


I may or may not have dreamed about THE DUCHESS having the second Royal Baby last night. It was CRAZY. The countdown is ON, my friends. Is it a GIRL? A BOY? There are definitely some differences this time around, but it is MAKING ME CRAZY (-ier?) waiting to know!


Oh Katie. You sly chickadee, you.

Speaking of the Royal Bambino, the "rumored" due date according to a "source" (aka a TRAITOR!) is April 25th.



On my dream earlier...yeah, what I DIDN'T mention was that, in my dream, I WAS TOTALLY THERE. As in...I and a friend (not sure who? I never saw their face) camped outside of the Lindo Wing in our oh-so-classy tailgate chairs and a cooler filled with Sunkist.

WHY the Sunkist, I'll never know. But there's GOT to be some sort of significance, right?

QUICK! Someone look that up and tell me what orange represents in a dream!

Does it mean she's having a girl??????

Moving on. In the dream, Faceless Friend and myself were chatting with our Sunkists in a back alley near the Lindo Wing when, all of a sudden, a BLACK SUV pulls up beside us and (very quietly) The Duchess steps out, heels and clutch and all. I was speechless. Faceless Friend goes to take a picture and I said something like:

"No! This is private moment! Plus they'll see us, you dork."


But they DID see us!

For some reason, The Duchess became tired on her walk from the SUV to the hospital door, and requested a chair to sit in before moving any further. And they brought her a TAILGATE chair. YES. A TAILGATE CHAIR.

{side note: This is sounding more and more ridiculous the further I get into this story. I promise I'm not AS obsessed as I may seem. Thank you for your time.}

As she sat, she looked RIGHT AT Faceless Friend and myself!

Faceless Friend elbowed me and said "Say something!"

But I choked.

Like, literally. Right there on my Sunkist.

Apparently I swallowed wrong or something.

And all I could do was hold my hands around my neck in the typical "I'm choking" manner.

And all I could THINK was "I'm LITERALLY CHOKING right here in front of The Duchess!!!"

And then I woke up.


Moral of the story?

Do NOT drink Sunkist in a tailgate chair whilst waiting to see Royalty.

I canNOT make this stuff up.

That is all.

Happy Thursday, friends!

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  1. This is amazing. I also have dreams that once I wake up are beyond believable. Good times...good times.