Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I MAY have previously declared mentioned my undying love for my beloved boy band
*N SYNC. (That's justiN, chriS, joeY, lansteN, and jC, for those of you who need to brush up on your know-ledge)

And I MAY have freaked out in a professional way of course when Mississippi boy Lance Bass visited home this Christmas, stopping by my place of employment to visit.

And I MAY OR MAY NOT have demanded begged our photographer to hand over the camera so I could be in the same room with him and shake his hand and meet him and make all of my 13-year-old-awkward-junior-high-girl dreams come true.

All of this I will neither deny nor admit.

But TODAY.....

Oh, today......

It's happening. It's FINALLY HAPPENING!!!!! An *N SYNC reunion, folks!

*N SYNC fans, unite!!!!


Lance's birthday is May 4.
He grew up in Clinton, MS and was a part of Attache' show choir (I've seen them - they rock).
Justin and JC met on the New Mickey Mouse Club (the New MMC for all of us cool kids)
Joey and Chris met through jobs/gigs at DisneyWorld.
Lance came into the picture after the first bass guy dropped out and Justin asked his vocal coach to help find a replacement.
Their first "big break" in the States as a group was a televised concert on the Disney Channel.
I still have that concert on a VHS at my parents' house.
Random facts I've retained from my childhood.


This morning, I arrive at work, only to find THIS waiting in my inbox, from a fellow *N Sync-Fan-Slash-Co-Worker:

Oh my.

Ohhhhhhhhh my.


I'm not a fan of the VMAs. I'm not a fan of MTV.

But for this?

I just might make an exception.

Who am I kidding?

I'm SOOOOO going to be there. In all of my 13-year-old squealing glory.

Only this time with better hair and without the braces.

Like, really, because, I mean, they like, are just, like, so great, ya know?


There is absolutely NO WAY to convey my excitement and happiness right now!!!!!

But this comes dangerously close:

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