Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Love

It's FRIDAY folks - and I couldn't be happier. Is anyone else having a hard time focusing today?

In celebration of all things Friday, here are a few things that made me smile this week. Hopefully they'll make you smile too!

one. Jenna's recipe for Biscoff Cookies. Must. Make. These. Now.

two. A homemade biscuit with my Grandma's homemade strawberry jam. I'm thankful my place of employment is close enough to my apartment so that I can go home for lunch. Saves the DOLLAs for sure! Even better? I can run home and make a biscuit for lunch whenever the craving strikes. And my Grandma has the best homemade jellies and jams. I don't care what you've tasted - hers is the best!

three. this guy.

four. Putting the new muffin tray to good use at 11 at night by making the Royal BABY Cupcakes at last - yes, they're mini-sized! And making them with The Fiance', who has some mad cupcake skills that apparently I just found out about.

five. SEVEN weeks :)

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