Monday, March 2, 2015

Things We Love More Than We Should

This is a silly and very pointless post.

Unlike all of my other meaningful, inspiring posts :)

But the truth is, it's Monday afternoon and I'm waiting for a few things to be finalized before I can leave work. So here we go!

Awhile back, I read a post on Julie's blog where she mused about all the things she loves way more than she should. While it was a funny post, it stuck with me, and since then I've noticed a lot of things that I really, really like and love WAY more than I should. For example.


I currently have 12 Post-Its hanging all around my cube. Not counting the 3 full stacks that have yet to be used.

It's how I function. I'm a list-maker by nature, so to have various Post-Its to compartmentalize various projects (color-coordinated, OF COURSE) helps me to work more efficiently.

The more Post-Its, the more productive and on-task I am. BONUS POINTS if they are AMAZING COLORS like TEAL and PURPLE.

Sadly (kind of), Post-Its are not the ONLY thing for which I have an unusual adoration. Here's a list, because as we've just learned, that's just how I roll :)

  • Post-Its
  • Warm homemade bread (includes my grandmother's yeast rolls and my mom's biscuits :) )
  • Candles
  • School/Office supplies (the smell...aaahh the smell of new supplies!)
  • Making lists
  • New pens after old ones are out of ink
  • Cracker Barrel coffee
  • Cracker Barrel anything
  • Homemade spaghetti sauce
  • Glitter (<- be still my HEART)
  • Sequins
  • Writing vs. typing
  • Chapstick
  • Pictures of pretty cakes (????)
  • Going out of town
  • Splashing salt water IN MY OWN FACE at the beach (weird right??? I've convinced myself it makes my skin softer)
  • Drinking basically anything out of champagne or wine glass (water? orange juice? apple juice? FILL ME UP)
  • Being barefoot
  • Brunch (oh, brunch. How I love thee)
  • The smell of sheets, fresh out of the dryer (I've been known to sniff my pillow for several minutes)

And that's just a taste of my weirdness.

What about you? What are some of the things you love more than you think you should?

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