Friday, February 27, 2015

Now That We've Survived the Gas Leak

Happy Friday, one and all!

Well. Now that we've successfully completed a week of almost-snow-days and all-day rainy slush days, let's add "workplace gas leak" to the list of thing we've survived, shall we?

My, oh my. It has been a wild ride this week, I do declare.

Yesterday afternoon at work, we were all humming along, minding our own business and adjusting to a semi-normal day -- one that DIDN'T involve snow predictions, bridge closures, and detours through THE SHADIEST ROADS YOU'LL EVER SEE OH MY WORD -- when suddenly I started smelling something...odd.

It was faint, in all honesty, but...odd.

I had a half-cup of coffee sitting next to me, which had been there since around 8 a.m., so I thought maybe the creamer had gone sour? Nope, not it. Maybe it was my computer overheating? Nope.

EGAD what if it's me? Thankfully, nope, it wasn't.

A few people have some smaller space heaters under their desk -- so that was a possibility.

But the smell was faint, so it was hard to pinpoint exactly where it was coming from.

Just then, one of my co-workers sitting next me jumped out of her office and said...."Is there a gas leak in here??? It smells like GAS. Like really...GAS."

Immediately about six heads popped up throughout our row of cubes.


My boss flew out of her office to check with some of our managers, but none were to be found. She ran back just as we saw a nice crowd of people gathering by the front door, fidgeting trying to get out.

"GRAB YOUR STUFF," she said to us all. "We have to go NOW."

The tone of her voice said that she meant business and something scary was about to go down.

By the time we'd reached the parking lot there were probably at least 60 people outside, with more coming behind us. Confusion to the MAX.

Long story short (ish), apparently it was the building NEXT to us that had some issues, but a gas leak was not one of them and all was safe and sound.

A large group of us stayed outside for a little longer just in case, but it proved to be okay.

We still smelled like gas for a few more hours, though.

BUT. All's well that ends well, I guess. Right?


Because it's FRIDAY. And a sunny weekend is (finally) ahead!

May your skies be bright, your coffee be delicious, and your air be NOT poisoned with gas!

Happy weekend!

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