Thursday, March 5, 2015

Because It's Snowing in Kentucky

Well folks, we woke up this morning to cloudy, rainy skies with a very mild chance of snow but a very large chance of sleet, which set in around 8:30 a.m.

By the time I hopped out of the shower this morning, I had a missed call and a voice message from my grandmother, which kind of scared me because A) she never calls that early and B) she's NEVER left a voice message on my phone.

Thankfully, everything was fine. But the conversation that took place was pretty hilarious.

"Lisa-BELL!" she said when she picked up the phone (it's what she's called me since I was a baby). "You better NOT go into work today!"

"What do you mean?" I knew this was about to get good.

"You better stay OFF those roads, baby. This weather is CRAZY!"

I looked out the window. Slight sprinkles of rain.


"Those roads are dangerous! It's SNOWING in KENTUCKY!"

I love my grandmother. So, so much.

"It's so bad, people are stranded. STRANDED! The Law is having to come get 'em out!"

Down here, "The Law" = cops, ambulances, fire truck, all emergency response teams.

"Well, over here it's not too bad..." I'm trying to hide my giggles. Seriously.

"No no! I've been watching the NEWS ALL MORNING and it's BAD! Don't go to work and get stranded in the snow!"

"I love you, MawMaw. You be careful today."

"I love you too, honey. Just stay off those roads!"

My grandmother loves everybody. Even that mean old raccoon they found in the woods once that looked homeless, so they put him in a cage and took him home until he hissed and shook the cage with all of his body weight. I love that she cares so much about all of us that she stayed glued to the TV all morning, watching the weather to make sure her babies were safe.

My grandmother is amazing in so many ways. Especially since Jackson, Mississippi is still "so far North" to her; even though my hometown is only three hours South of here.

And most days, it seems so far away to me too.

Y'all be safe out there today! And if you're in Kentucky, my heart goes out to you as you wait for The Law to come get you out.

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