Thursday, September 25, 2014

One Hundred


While this may not seem like a giant cause for celebration (ESPECIALLY considering how long I've had this blog, HAAAAAA), it's actually pretty cool to me. Three digits? Whaaaaaat.

So, seeing as how I've hit the triple digits AND Hubs and my first anniversary is this weekend, I thought maaaaaaybe I'd entertain you with some THROWBACKTHURSDAY wedding pictures?

Along with a ridiculously cheesy narration, of course.

You didn't think I'd let you down on the cheese factor, did you? I aim to please :)

Here's to the next hundred posts!

(Thank you if you're still reading this)


Pre-ceremony: I didn't want many "getting ready" pictures, but I did prefer for all of our bridal party pictures to be taken beforehand - therefore leaving more time for dancing, eating, and cake. Hubs and I opted to not take a "first look" pic, so our girls' pictures were scheduled two hours before the ceremony, and the guys were to arrive an hour before.

I tell you all of this because many of the guys decided to get there VERY early - and my VERY-soon-to-be husband was with them. So here we are, in the garden beside the ceremony area, taking pictures, and realize we (read: I) have to run for a hiding place.

Thankfully I was able to situate myself (read: SQUAT) behind a VERY LARGE BUSH and remain hidden. Which is quite impressive considering that dress weighed about 30 pounds and I was in 4.4 inch heels IN THE DIRT!

So needless to say, this is me saying "Are they gone?! Am I still hidden?! Can you see the tissues in my armpits???"


I will forever be grateful that our photographer captured that moment.

And those heels? Yep:

Glitter for DAAAAYYYYYS.

Hubs is a Mississippi State graduate through and through. This was my surprise gift to him right before the ceremony. It's a maroon cowbell (State fans will understand!) with our last name and wedding date engraved on it. Love :)

A kiss for Dad before the walk down the aisle :)

Like I said, we decided NOT to see each other before the ceremony, but Ben surprised me (with the help of our AWESOME wedding planner) minutes before the start of the ceremony and asked (through the door) if we could pray together. It was such a special moment for us.

...and obviously for that woman with the large derrière in the photo behind us. 

We were pretty pumped.
And I know you can't tell, but this 5'2 girl got some SERIOUS air, despite the heels!



Have I mentioned my Husband is a State fan?
And those strawberries? I almost FAINTED right there.

We toasted with Cheerwine - one of Hubs' favorite drinks:

And then....voila.



I HAVE to post this picture -- because you can LITERALLY tell how READY I was to dig in.
Here is Hubs' best man, giving such a sweet, heartfelt speech. They have such a great history together, and he was so genuinely happy for us.

This happiness, however, came in the form of a 20-minute speech.
Okay, I'm exaggerating. But have mercy I WANTED CAKE!

Hence, the "hip prop" and the notable facial expression:

Fun fact: Our wedding cake topper was handcrafted to look like us! 
Christa from Tippy Top Creations did SUCH a fantastic job and I cannot brag on her enough!

A few months before the wedding, we sent her two pictures of us, as well as a photo of my dress and she carved and crafted it to look just like us! She even included the small lace details on my dress and put a little BLING on my left hand!

So then we danced....

And it was wonderful.

...and this will forever be my favorite picture of that night:

My grandparents.
Married for 50+ years, still beaming like they just got married.

Happy (almost) Anniversary, Ben!

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