Friday, September 19, 2014



My husband has discovered my Pinterest account.

Not in the sense that I was hiding it from him. I mean in the sense that he never really paid much attention to all of the hype about Pinterest - it was just a thing.
Until yesterday.

Boy oh boy --- what can of worms have we opened here?

After our workout yesterday morning, Hubs happened to pick up our iPad and - for some reason - was drawn to the little "P" that is the Pinterest app (like a fly to a zapper!!!!). I have no idea how this happened or what provoked this action, as I was a little busy trying to de-grass and de-stinkify myself from the morning. AKA ASTROTURF.

{One of these days I might muster up the courage to take a post-workout photo to illustrate just how hard core we look, what with our scratches and bruises and sore muscles covered in fake grass and sweat.}

{{Actually, that's pretty gross. So maybe I'll show you my dirty floor mats instead.}}

But as I was slowly drifting off into a pre-work nap (<- YES), I was startled by these words coming out of his mouth:

"So I found this recipe on Pinterest...."



I'm not sure if I've ever heard a guy say that before. Not that guys can't enjoy Pinterest - I KNOW everyone can get hooked on enjoy Pinterest and there is likely something there for everyone. It just caught me WAY off guard that my husband - a huntin', fishin', social media hatin' country boy - even looked at Pinterest...even for a short amount of time!

But then again, he also loves food. And Pinterest is cluttered with pictures of food. And hence, recipes.

I was kinda busy yelling "WHAAAAATTTTTTT" to even hear what kind of recipe he found.

Sorry, honey. I couldn't hear you over my exasperation.

But then he repeated it, and then listed a few other recipes he found, and then I laughed.

After which I realized I would need to hit the grocery store at some point that day because we now had a new plan for supper that night. And a Pinterest board dedicated to Ben's favorite foods.

I have no idea how to feel about this.

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