Monday, February 23, 2015

From Slushtown, USA

Greetings from Slushtown, party people!

We've had a loooooooot of rain and freezing temps today, so naturally the weather is quite...yucky. Half of our city shut down early tonight due to icy roads, so we've been taking it easy and enjoying an evening on the couch with red beans and rice.

Rainy day relaxing is a wonderful thing indeed :)

We kicked off this past weekend with homemade pizza. I've always been afraid to made any kind of bread from scratch, especially since it typically involves yeast (which, by the way, the thought of which has always scared me) - but since Hubs had to work late and I had some time to kill, I set to work in the kitchen with HowSweetEats's recipe in hand.

I'm so glad I did. The recipe was super practical - we had everything on hand already! And the finished product was CRAZY GOOD. Like --- I'm pretty sure we MIIIIIIGHT be making our own crust from here on out.


You WILL be impressed.


Saturday was filled with work fun! Our organization's annual charity food competition was happening, and awhile back my boss asked me to step in for graphic design purposes. It took A LOT of learning and a team of about 25 people, but we were all mighty proud of the way our booth and theme turned out.

Plus, who doesn't love a Ninja Turtle-themed food truck that's shoving mini-pizzas in your face?

It was an indoor event, and there were about 15 other teams competing.

...which meant there were OVER 15 dishes to sample.


One of which was RIBS. And another had SWEET POTATO CASSEROLE.

It was FOR SURE a delicious event.

My belly was MUY happy that night :)

Although it was my first-ever attempt at set design, I actually had a lot of fun learning about it all and was relieved that the team seemed pleased with the results.

I plan to take a nice little break, though, before EVER doing that again, HA!

Sunday basically consisted of church, BBQ, church again, and Cracker Barrel breakfast for dinner with some new friends. It's amazing what a difference it makes that we're starting to make friends here.

Massive amounts of coffee and laughter were had that night.

We were really a delight to the staff, I'm sure.

We came home and I finished reading BooMama's newest book - which, by the way is even better than her first. Highly recommend this one, peeps...

...and tonight I cracked open this beauty, which I've heard RAVES about. I'm pretty pumped about this one.

A rainy night at its best.

I'll be the first to admit that this is NOT my most exciting post, so KUDOS if you are still reading this (!!!!!) -- there's just something about blogging on a rainy night that's just sooooo....nice :)

Have a happy one, friends :)

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