Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lauren Graham will ALWAYS be Lorelai Gilmore

It's midnight, and I'm baking again.

But it's okay because GILMORE GIRLS IS ON TV TONIGHT!

Not Netflix (even though I hear it's wonderful) - because we are NOT that awesome (read: modern). It's SOMEHOW made its way to ABC Family!

I should stay up this late more often. Maybe I shouldn't, because I'm actually an old lady that can't function past 9 p.m. Plus there's that whole "real world job" thing that really comes in handy when you want to buy a house and puppy. Preferably not in that order but hey, TOOOO-mato, tahhhh-mato.

Where you lead!
I will follow!
That you telllll meee toooo!!!!

My rendition of this theme song and its accompanying interpretive dance is CRAZY GOOD, my people. Just trust me on this.

So back to the oven.

Did your parents ever pick on you while growing up about coming home and announcing that you suddenly have a science project due the next day?

I got that ALL THE TIME.

And tonight was payback for those "sudden" announcements as a child, I suppose.

While perusing The Pioneer Woman's cookbook for her AHHHH-mazing Corn Chowder recipe, Hubs reminded me that his work is having some kind of "food thing" tomorrow and that he was supposed to bring a dish.

I looked in the fridge, and we literally had fish and frozen vegetables.

We're trying to eat healthy again. And this doesn't work well for work functions, mind you.

And the RED VELVET OREOS that Hubs brought home yesterday? Well. They're MORE THAN HALFWAY gone and therefore unsuitable for said word function as well.


So I started cooking and Hubs made a mad dash to the store to buy a few things for a little experiment we're concocting.

WHY I always gravitate toward a brand-spanking-new recipe for big events, I'll never know. Stay tuned for the results and maybe we'll get a post out of it.

NEWSFLASH. I've just realized that Paris was the Gilmore Girls' version of Sheldon Cooper. I can't be the only one thinking this. Moving on.

And OH MY WHAT the Mom from Happy Days is Granny Lorelai!

Oh Gilmore Girls. Where have you been the last few years? Lauren Graham is my spirit animal.

And that is all. G'NIGHT EVERYBODY!

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