Monday, July 22, 2013

Royal Baby Watch - Part Two - I'm Having CUPCAKES TONIGHT!


What a way to start a Monday, folks!

Powered up the computer this morning only to find THIS:

It's now a jolly ol' 4pm over in London as I type this (10am here in The City), and no news of a baby yet.

{short break to do some "real work" in the "real world"}





It's now nearly 2pm in The City and STILL NO BABY!

But that's okay -- and because there's not much else that's relatively exciting going on today -- and because I feel a dire need for attention -- and because I've really really really wanted to blog for the past few days --- I present you with pretty pictures from recent times whilst out 'n' about:

GIANT flowers amongst the rocks by the lake -- a bright, happy sight on a day that MIGHT have been a little rocky. Get it? Because it's in the ROCKS? Yeah, I'm awesome.

On a deeper note...maybe this is the Lord's way of telling me to try to be the "bright & happy" while in the middle of a hard and rocky place. Oooohhh.......

Because sprinkles make everything better :) Especially on fro-yo by a fountain.

This little miss stole my heart the moment I saw her. She belongs to The Fiance's sweet granny. 
And my heart  =)

Starting to register! One of us MIGHT have had 
a little TOO much fun -- not saying any names though ;)

Key Lime Pie. From scratch. Oh yeah. That happened.
Recipe coming soon -- and I cannot WAIT :)

How to tell you're with the right person -- he humors my Royal obsession.
Please forgive my atrocious grammar error. I was way excited.
Or maybe it was autocorrect ;)

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