Thursday, July 18, 2013

Royal Baby Watch - Part One

Okay folks, it's getting real. I know many people roll their eyes at the mere MENTION of the Royal Baby - or anything dealing with the Royals - but I for one am fascinated and oh-so-excited about this whole baby thing.

NEWSFLASH: I was watching E! just now over lunch (helloooooo "Sleepless in Seattle"!!!) and a scrolling headline popped up that said the Queen quite "abruptly" left a cricket match just a short while ago - prompting speculation about the Bebe'.

However, I haven't been able to confirm this (obvi), and Google/Yahoo/MSN/Twitter/NOTHING has said a word about this. Oh E! shouldn't get my hopes up like this.

I guess it's possible that the Queen just didn't want to watch cricket.

Le sigh.

I'll admit that I've been a fan of all things Royal ever since speculation started about Will & Kate's engagement a few months before it actually happened. Yes, I am on a first name basis with them now; I'm that awesome.

I was one of THOSE people that saw a documentary about Will's life and courtship with Kate -- one of those that ended with the big question, "Will they or won't they????" -- and proceeded to scream "I LOVE THEM!" as the ending credits rolled.

I'll also admit that I wore a fascinator whilst watching the Royal Wedding, and that I woke up at 3am that morning just to watch it live. I was also one of thousands that SQUEALED the moment she stepped out of that car.

Let's re-live that moment, shall we?

Aaahhhhh --- I love it! Pure glamour.

I missed the kiss on the balcony, however, because at 6am I jumped in my car and drove to Nashville for a half marathon. No worries here, though :)

What I won't admit, though, is that I MIGHT have a can of pink icing and a can of blue icing in my kitchen, waiting to be used for royal cupcakes. Cans that I PROMISE have been there since WAY before I had that idea (which was today) - I honestly just thought they were pretty, especially since I have NO IDEA how to make icing a bright neon color.

(I know you're laughing. And that's okay, because it's pretty ridiculous)

Plus, come on. It's a good occasion for a cupcake. And ANY occasion is a GOOD occasion for a cupcake.

Quit my job? WHOO HOO! Cupcake time!

Got a new job? Give me TWO!

Rough day? Cupcakes help.

Good day? CELEBRATE!


I can't imagine our dear Royals doing anything but laughing at all of the frenzy happening right now. I really wouldn't blame them at all. It's ridiculous, but let's face it - it looks like there's finally some HAPPY mixed in with the "World News" portion of the media. Amongst all of the crazy that's happening these days, all of the sadness, the struggles, the anger -- there's a ray of sunshine that comes alongside this sweet, innocent, and historical happening.

Because when he or she decides to come into the world, he or she will have no idea just how important they really are. Not just as the future heir to the British throne, but because we'll finally see some "happy" on the news.

And that, my friends, is something worth celebrating.

Anybody want a cupcake? :)

***Note: Not my photos :)

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