Wednesday, May 28, 2014

So Sometimes I'm Bad at Blogging

Nearly TWO MONTHS since my last post - BUT NOT QUITE!


So let's play a little catch-up, yes? Here are a few things that have pretty much been making my day over the past few weeks! (and NOT two months!)

one. Key Lime Greek Yogurt mixed with crumbled graham crackers. Oh my yum (<- can I say that? Too lame?) it's incredulous. It tastes JUST like Key Lime pie - so serious. And it has lots of protein! Which completely cancels out all of the sugar, right? Let's just pretend it does and then eat in only slight moderation.

two. Morning Star spicy black bean burgers. I grabbed these for dinner one night when Hubs was out of town and fell hard. I was so excited I couldn't even take a clear picture. Yeah, that's the reason. We'll go with that.

three. My favorite salad. I almost made this into a separate post itself, seeing as how I love it so much. It's the perfect lunch and I actually find myself looking forward to eating it when I wake up in the morning. Please tell me someone else does this? It's a simple combo: spinach, goat cheese, tomatoes, and strawberries topped with a dab of honey mustard dressing. I had a similar salad on our honeymoon at the Lost Dog Cafe in Folly Beach, and once we returned I decided that I just couldn't live without it. Try it sometime - you'll be hooked, too!

four. Honest Lemonade in Berry Hibiscus flavor. Impulse buy in Whole Foods one day during lunch. The entire container was gone in two days. Oops.

five. I'm starting to realize that apparently food gives me lots of joy. Sorry about the overload of food pics! Actually, I'm not. Because Hubs' special quesadilla recipe gives me more joy than probably anything on this list! But seriously - the boy outdoes himself every time, and plus a break from the kitchen is always a treat ;)

six. Last one! And it's COMPLETELY non-food-related! December 6, 2014 is the annual St. Jude Marathon in Memphis - and I'll be there this year! We signed up to run the half, so I just might be posting fundraising info soon in case anyone is interested in helping us meet our goal. Fingers crossed everything will go smoothly and we'll have an awesome experience! Anyone want to meet us there?

Whoop whoop!!!!

Okay one more -- can't help it!!!!!!

Baha. Oh Georgie.  Gets me every time.

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