Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tales from a Messy Apartment


It's almost the weekend and I just had a cup of coffee!!!!

I probably won't be able to sleep tonight (it's 8pm!!!) but it's OKAY because this is the best I've felt all week!

Seriously though - something crazy is in the air (pollen anyone? ANYONE???) and it's given me the long, annoying headaches that last allll daaayy long every day this week. Add to that frequently body aches (AHEM Bodypump and moving HEAVY STUFF a 3rd floor apartment at random times of the day) and WOW has it been a long week.

Ohhhhh I'm so thankful for coffee :)

Moving on! Here are some tales from this messy almost-moved in apartment of ours:

one. Am I the ONLY one here that actually LIKED the finale of "How I Met Your Mother"? Okay - I hate --- REALLY HATE --- that the Mother died, but at the same time, years and years and yearrrrrs down the road he ended up with Robin. Yes, I've been a Ted-Robin fan since the beginning, but ONLY because I always rooted for Ted. I didn't want them together because they seemed so "right" -- because most of us know that's NOT true...but I wanted them together because of the way TED felt about her. Like they said, he always "went big" for Robin, so the fact that he found the love of his life (Tracy), and had so many wonderful years together, then he was finally able to be happy again with one of his best friends...that makes my heart all warm :) But not in a heartburn kind of way.

two. I cried during the finale. I did. I ugly cried for a lonnnnnnnnng time. I'm not proud -- but I'm not sorry :)

Nobody cares, PATRICE!!!!

three. Okay, last thing about HIMYM ((SO THANKFUL FOR RERUNS!)) ...I'm completely obsessed with the version of "Downtown Train" they played at the end. It was the perfect -- ABSOLUTELY PERFECT -- song to end the series with. I've always thought the show should have a soundtrack - I love the music (someone please tell me there's a soundtrack out there!) - but this song takes the cake. I've had it on REPEAT on Spotify since Tuesday morning. Listen to it can bet I will be!

four. I know I mentioned this a post or two ago, but I'm still SO HOOKED on the Barre3 workouts. I seriously find myself EVERY DAY not only looking forward to them -- I hope and HOPE that I'll have time for a full workout instead of a shorter 10-minute version. Sadly (but sometimes not-so-sadly), life stuff happens and I can't always stay still long enough to grab a workout (hello moving and church events!), but I absolutely LOVE IT whenever I do. It really puts my mind at ease and I love being so relaxed afterward.

five. Warm weather is FINALLY here!!! Hopefully to stay!!! :D I walked outside for the SECOND time today in running shorts and LOVED IT! Aside from that "oh wow my legs haven't seen the sun for a REALLY long time" kinda feeling. Apart from almost BLINDING a few folks, it was oh-so-lovely.

six. B-T-Dubs...this is where I live now. That is all.

Thank you, Linus.

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