Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"Better Sore than Sorry"

That's what my Body Pump instructor said in class one night.

And you know what?

She was right.

I took a walk on the WILD SIDE last night and upped the weight on my bar ever-so-slightly -- and I am FEELING IT today! Quads, shoulders, tris, and armpits {oh, the armpits}...Ohhhhh how I love the feeling of being sore!

Strangely enough, I'm not the least bit sarcastic when I say that.

This weekend was a whirlwind, to say the least. Think 4 cities in 2 days, by the time Monday and Tuesday passed (with long workdays throughout) -- it's safe to say that I basically crashed onto my pillow last night and didn't move all night.

Totally worth it though! After a successful work event on the coast Friday night (about three and a half hours from here, we arrived home a little after midnight, then headed to my parents' house 3 hours away late Saturday afternoon. Sunday we drove another hour South to visit with The Hubs's family, then made the trek back here to The City.

As tired as we were, it felt SO GREAT to be able to spend even a little bit of time with our families. Plus, this weekend was my sister's BRIDAL SHOWER back at our home church!

Home sweet home - oh yes indeed :)

Here wedding is EXACTLY ONE MONTH from today -- and I'm supremely PUMPED.

...And speaking of pumped, lately I've joined my friend Lauren in the "100 Days of Happy" project - and it's a lot of fun! Basically, every day for 100 days, you take a photo of something that makes you happy...I think, originally, it was meant for people to post on their blogs, Facebook, Instagram, etc., but we've got a group of about 4 of us going via group text and we've really enjoyed it!

Funny side note: We're all in various parts of the country, and the only one I know personally is Lauren - so BONUS POINTS for getting to know new people, ha!

It's funny how, once we started, I've started really looking forward to everyone's texts and photos and taking my own. It really encourages you to look for the "happy" in every day! Give it a try!

We're on Day 29 today - so I won't post everything, but here are some of the highlights over the past month!

This guy. He makes me so, so happy :)
Love this man!

Peanut-butter-chocolate cupcake for a Friday treat!
Huge, yet so delicious.

Cake-batter flavored chapstick!
Flavor without the calories!

After many, many weeks of dreary, cold, and rainy weather,
the SUN finally came out and warmed us up to a wonderful 63 degrees!

Beautiful sunset while out for a run one day!

The guys at work let me get on set and PRETEND to be on camera.
Aaaahh little things in life :)

Out for a run by the water on a gorgeous Saturday morning!

Mardi Gras cookies that turned out COLORFUL and DELICIOUS!
Bonus: I FINALLY baked something that was a success!

{despite my wimpy weights! #beginner =) }

And there we have it! Just a few highlights from the past week and month - what makes YOU happy every day? Give the "100 Days" challenge a try - go on, I dare ya!

I'm kind of hooked.

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