Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Work Trippin'

Hellooooo, hello!

Checking in from life on the road via work. I've been getting my PROFESSIONAL on for the past couple of days - speaking at a meeting of PR pros and then doing some alumni work in my college town. It's been busy, but honestly? I'm really loving it.

Apparently I was explaining something VERY SERIOUS that required me to do that awkward twisty-stance. But it's a fun picture nonetheless!

This morning I was able to talk to an 8am class of  sleepy college students and, despite the fact that all they wanted was to get across the street to Starbucks, they had some great questions and seemed pretty interested in the presentation (SCORE!).

I've got one more event to work while I'm here then I'm headed back to The City...but not before I stop at one of my FAVORITE places down here to get coffee!!!

I'm telling you, this city has some of the best food around. Ohhh, how I loooooove it.

Welp! I've got to run around and check out of my hotel before this next event, but I'll be back soon with the recipe for THIS DELICIOUSNESS...

Think warm, creamy, cheesy goodness with chunks of chicken on the inside. I'm hungry already!


Hasta luego!

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