Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Allllllll About that Bass it's in YOUR HEAD too!!!!

I already liked this song (<- anybody dancing right now?), but I've been singing it ALL DAAAAY LONNG today because the CMA Awards are tonight - and MIRANDA is singing this with Meghan Trainor!

Normally I'm not fond of pop crossing into my country...but at this point Miranda can do no wrong so I say BRING IT!

In all honesty, I wrote a post LAST WEEK - an oh-so-LOVELY post, at that - featuring a fantastic fall dish that I love and adore: Turkey and White Bean Chili. However, once I finished going on and ON and ONNNNN about said chili, I realized that I'd ALREADY POSTED THAT RECIPE and it was therefore POINTLESS for me to post the exact same thing about a year later!

I just felt like I needed to confess that to you. Glad THAT's off my chest. I feel MUCH better. I'm glad we had this talk.

So TODAY I'm absolutely PUMPED because A) this morning's Workout ROCKED and my calves are CRAZY SORE, B) COUNTRY MUSIC, and C) I'm FINALLY starting to conquer the BEAST that is my job.


And maybe a little bit because of THIS:

AY KAY AY, the BIGGEST COFFEE I've ever seen. EVER.

Although, if we're being QUITE honest, we all KNOW I've only drunk about half a cup out of this. I've said it before, but my system just won't let me have more than that!

Yet I'm STILL feelin' the jitters!

Aaaaaaaand I'm feeeeeelinnnnnn'.......GOOOOOOOOOOOOD......

{click me!}


I've been STRUGGLING with various parts of my job for awhile now. I knew going into a new field meant a learning curve but WHOOOOOOOO has it been a doozy!!!!

But you know WHAT????

Today marked SUCCESS for this girl.

Even if it's only a small success in the grand scheme of things, it's a big deal TODAY!!!

Crazy Complicated Web Program = 0
This Girl = 1

That, combined with the fact that a co-worker gave me an AWESOME new recipe today, is a cause for celebration!!!!!

I want to go home and fry chicken and make mashed potatoes and biscuits and pull out ALL OF THE STOPS and just celebrate!!!!!

However, tomorrow is weigh-in day at The Workout - so I'll probably just go eat some vegetables.

But I WILL leave you with this ROCKIN' celebratory playlist instead!!!!!!

Happy Wednesday errrr-body!!!!! Friday is ALMOST HERE!!!!!!

Happy Day Playlist

You Make My Dreams - Hall & Oates
Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundations
Jump in the Line - Harry Belafonte
Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond ("IIIIII love Neil Diamond!!!")
Uncaged - Zac Brown Band
The Wind - Zac Brown Band
All About that Bass - Meghan Trainor (you KNEW that was coming)
Any Way You Want It - Journey

p.s. Fingers crossed for an AMAZING new recipe soon!!!! #experiments

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