Thursday, January 30, 2014

January WHAT?!

It's 3:05 p.m., and I JUST realized that today is January 30.

What the what?! I thought for SURE it was the 28th, and now you're telling me I only have ONE DAY left of January?

It's slipping through my fingers, man -- just slipping away!

UPDATE: It's now 5:45 p.m. due to a random influx of BUSY here at work. I'm working late tonight doing social media for one of our live shows and have a little over an hour to kill before it starts.

Whoo! This week has been a doozy!

Monday began fairly normally, but somehow ended with a weather forecast of SNOW by Tuesday morning.

I'll spare you the photo shoot, but here's JUST ONE of the snow gathering by the lake in front of our apartment:

Purrrrrrty :)

This was the SECOND time I've experienced snow since moving to The City, and I'll admit it wasn't that bad.

Although my love for sunshine and 70 degree weather still stands -- and grows stronger with each and every day!!!!!

My office was closed on Tuesday and part of Wednesday, so the past day and a half have been BUSY. But honestly? I don't mind it.

Earlier today I was feeling a little gloomy (lack of sunshine and warm weather, anyone?), but then my co-worker Christy came to the rescue and proclaimed that we needed Greek food in our lives!

I think it was just what the doctor ordered, because today just...FELT better after that. Thank the Lord for Christy and Greek food. 

...And for the Starbucks next door to said Greek place =)

Aaaahh the Starbucks. I can't remember the last time I had it.

Really, I can't remember the last time I had a full cup of coffee.

But oh, the bliss.


It definitely made the day better, by far. I felt like THIS all day:

Highly entertaining, I assure you.


Oh, Starbucks. I must remember you more often.

Apart from the random snow event, the past week or so has been fairly uneventful. Although The Mister did score a great deal on the ENTIRE SERIES of "Lost," and thus has me HOOKED.

HOOKED, I'm telling you. For the past two weeks we've been knocking out episode after episode. We're almost done with Season 2 and it's SO INTENSE.

I scream/cry/shout/{insert emotion here} with EVERY episode.

My goodness, I'm pretty sure every scene with Jin and Sun makes me ugly cry for an hour. But I love it.

Okay folks, I'm off! Work is calling me! =)

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