Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Lovin'

Is it just me, or does it seem that every Friday gets that much sweeter as time goes on?

Today was off to a slightly not-so-hot start, but it's okay because things are COMPLETELY looking up!

It's been a weird week. But I'm a weird person, so I guess the shoe fits.

But on with the happy!

Here's what I'm loving and obsessed with this week. Maybe you'll get obsessed with them too and we can be weird together.

Vintage Glam Texturizing Powder from Sally's. People. My goodness. This stuff has given my hair a whole new outlook on life. I'm so hooked on it. If you're like me and have board-straight fine hair that has ZERO shape this will change your life. It makes your hair feel like it hasn't been washed in three weeks, but allows it to KEEP its shine and look pretty! It gives your hair so much LIFT and you can shape it as you like. I'm so terrible with my hair, but {on a good day} you can't tell that because this stuff is just...great. They put it on my head the day of our wedding and my hair held up until I washed it out. MAJORLY impressed, y'all. Usually what I do is sprinkle a little under the part of my hair and underneath the layers, tease, then smooth. It's a beautiful thing, friends.

Melanie from the Big Mama Blog, Edie from the Life in Grace Blog, and Sophie from the Boo Mama Blog. These ladies are so talented and their blogs are so uplifting and encouraging. I absolutely loved this post where Edie interviewed Melanie about her new book -- it was nothing short of hilarious and made today SO MUCH BETTER. I felt like I was sitting at the table drinking coffee with my girlfriends - only I've never met them and none of us were drinking coffee so is that even a little creepy???? . Check them out for your daily dose of happy!

And while I'm on it --- Melanie's new book, "The Antelope in the Living Room." I'll admit -- I TECHNICALLY haven't read it yet. But in approximately 37-ish minutes I will be on my way to the Family Christian bookstore, who are so graciously holding one of their last TWO copies for me. I know I'm going to love it -- just by hearing Melanie's description of what inspired her to write the book and the topics she covered, I'm crazy over it already. I JUST might crack open the book in the parking lot and just jump in right then and there. Good thing there's a coffee shop next door {!!!!!} - don't say I didn't warn you!

The How Sweet It Is blog. I could do an entire post just on my favorite blogs/bloggers, but I'm not kidding when I tell you that reading Jessica's blog is one of the FIRST things I do every. single. morning. {Except for Sundays and maybe Saturdays} She's ridiculously funny and has some of the most creative recipes I've ever seen. And her pictures? Gaaaaahhh. I could lick the screen most days.

Sprinkles and Thin Mint cupcakes. Because sprinkles make EVERYTHING better. EVERYTHING.

Oh yes. That happened this weekend. 'Nuff said.

***PLUS, since the icing was runny (oops novice icing maker), I think it's safe to assume that there were less calories in them, therefore making these babies ridiculously healthy. Yes, they were oh-so-healthy. The only thing healthier is to make ANOTHER batch. Gosh, I love eating healthy.

PITCH PERFECT 2!!!!!! It's OFFICIAL, people. A Pitch Perfect SEQUEL is happening. Please tell me you understand my obsession with this movie. I. LOVE. IT. I've had the soundtrack BLARING in my car for MONTHS now and randomly quote it all the time with Lauren. Plus --- dare I say it???? - it's going to be filmed in BATON ROUGE. A mere few hours from here! AAAAHHHH. I can't contain myself!!!! I'm desperately trying to find out how I can audition to be an extra. DESPERATELY. I'll wear a wig or cover my face or be in the background waving -- I DON'T CARE! This. must. happen. Suggestions/info, anyone?

I'll keep you posted on my findings :)

LOST. Good gracious. I won't even go into detail about it. It's so insane and I'm completely lost but totally up to speed. We're almost halfway through Season 3 and at that point where, although you realize what's happening, you have NO IDEA who these other people are and WHAT they are doing with my lovable characters!!! Plus - I have to say it -- I'm for Kate & Sawyer all the way. She may be in love with Jack, but she and Sawyer are MFEO (<---- Sleepless in Seattle reference, anyone????). GAAAAHHH just tell me what happens already!!!!! Clearly I love this show.

Happy Friday everyone! Go find JOY in something small this weekend!

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