Sunday, January 5, 2014

Writer's Block

Blog peoples! I've been taking some SERIOUS time off of life lately and loving it. I tried to do a Friday Five post on GASP Friday, but had zero inspiration. Please enjoy the random thoughts bouncing around my head this loverly evening!

ONE. Crazy Mississippi weather alert, yo! According to the tree outside of my window, the wind is just short of VIOLENT and the temperature is dropping lowwwww. Meanwhile, there's nothing else I want to do right now apart from curling up on my couch with a blanket, smelling the Pumpkin Pie Yankee Candle burning in front of me.

TWO. I miss summer! Can we go back here? Just for a few days? Weeks maybe? That'd be oh-so-nice.

THREE. We've been keeping it pretty low-key over here the past few weeks and, while it did take some adjusting for someone like me (read: I HAVE PROBLEMS SITTING STILL), it's been pretty great.

FOUR. The Hubs scored major points when he bought us a BEAUTIFUL BLUE MIXER recently and we made our first RED VELVET CAKE from scratch!!!!! Check it!!!!!


We used half the recipe so it was a teeny tiny midget cake - but I loved it!!!! Paired with homemade cream cheese icing -- I fell, people. And I fell HARRRRRD. FYI! The recipe came from the Bell's Best cookbook.

FIVE. I started going to Bodypump classes at our gym just before Christmas and I'm hooked. Stay tuned, people. I'm about to get RIPPED up in here. HA! #agirlcandream

All right -- I'm heading out to enjoy what's left of this peaceful Sunday night. Happy Sunday, folks!

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