Monday, December 31, 2012

Party Planning: Part Three

Happy New Year's Eve!

Who's excited? I'll tell you what I'm excited about...


Who doesn't love them? I'm gonna get straight to the point here and present you with some eye candy....

Note: These are not my pictures; they were just too pretty not to post!

Ooh la la...
Beautiful, beautiful desserts! These are just a few ideas for your next party -- great for tonight if you're searching for a last-minute recipe for that party we've been talking about!

  • Cake pops. They've been all the rage this year. While they do take time and planning, they're totally worth it. Usually they have to freeze overnight, but boy do they deliver. You can choose basically any flavor you want, with any icing you want, and boom, you have cake pops. Recipes are everywhere, but I found this one on Pinterest. It's a delicious little detail that you can mix with your color scheme! :)

  • Cupcake Martinis. It's all about presentation here. Also doubles as pretty table decor! I don't drink, but I love the fun glasses.

  • S'mores. YUM. If you're bonfiring tonight like us, s'mores are a must.

    No bonfire? No problem! Serve them as an inside treat like in the picture: Tip Junkie {source of picture} suggests to add some metallic sanding sugar on top for a nice sparkle.

    Another idea for inside s'mores is to put them in the oven just before serving. Turn your oven on broil to really get a nice "goo" factor going on. Then a touch a brown sugar, if you're a fan :) Loooooove!


All pictures from Pinterest :)

Is your mouth watering yet? I need cake. Stat.

  • Clock cakes. Aren't these cute? I believe the picture is showing cheesecakes with an oreo crust, but get creative and bake your favorite cake in a round pan, then decorate away. If you're a fan a mini-cakes, it would be oh-so-adorable to give each guest their own clock at midnight!

  • Giant oreo cake. Why have I never seen one of these until now? If you need a recipe for tonight...this is it! Go out and buy four, five, {however many!} etc. NOW!

  • Cupcakes. Nuff said. Don't you just love the cute little signs?

  • My favorite! Add a sparkler at midnight for a nice firecracker-y effect!

Okay. It's New Year's Eve and this post is late! So go out there and enjoy yourself -- everyone be safe! Happy New Year!

Don't forget your Midnight Kissses! ;)

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